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Wealthy Mtn.: Green Oz Creek: Tinsity October 9, 2011

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These 2 small sinkholes perhaps mark the beginning of Tinsity on Green Oz Creek, coming just before Dark Space is encountered in moving from Upper to Lower Green Oz. Hucka D. is claiming that Tinsity was an community of ancient origin, and the neighboring stream emptying out of Squirrel Swamp (Olive Branch) was the original TILE Creek. Incredible if so!

Green Oz Creek just in front of the sinkholes.

Evidence of ancient walls bordering the creek here. Believe it!

Muck hole near the center of what was once Tinsity. I’ll have to ask Hucka D. if this was also around in ancient days. At any rate, I think he wants to talk about the mucky quality, and point out some benefits of this in terms of scrying. Can’t wait.

Water spilling over a log on Olive Branch. Again, Hucka D. is claiming this small tributary of Green Oz Creek emptying from Squirrel Swamp is perhaps the original TILE Creek. He’s also stated this little falls was present in ancient Tinsity. Interesting.

More interesting, currently, is the presence of a number of bones nearby. Is the falls, then, Bones Falls or Bones Drop? Just Bones?

Olive Branch meets Green Oz Creek right at the start of the Dark Space separating upper and lower Green Oz.

A look back up Green Oz Creek from near this conjunction.

The mucky pool in respect to Green Oz Creek. Positioned exactly between the two is a small beach of white-ish pebbles, making a marked contrast with the murky surface of the pool.

Such a beautiful day on Wealthy Mtn.!


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