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Roaming… February 7, 2011

In southern West End (east edge of hill country), found this car with grass growing all over the driver’s side that I thought worthy of a photo. Or Baker thought worthy.

I was just teleporting around looking at available, mainland property to rent this night through the Marly Tomsen site, and came upon a parcel on the east lip of the Finnsteraarhorn sink, the largest of the two, identified sinks of Maebaleia. Turns out the land had just been bought by the Clarity Homes group, but while there I took some long shots of the sink itself, now basically empty since the whole, namesake sim is up for sale at about 2 lindens a square meter. If I were a rich man…

But I was also reminded of how shallow the sink was, actually, entering from the west (angle of below picture). You could perhaps still come up with a good case that it’s not a sink at all, although I’d still argue for legitimacy.

Then I also found land for rent right next to my old property in Blackmount, which is also tempting. Hmmm… While there I took a trick shot of the sink, seeming to contain a large pyramid that is actually a much smaller version hovering above the sink, only about a meter high.

But then, strange thing, one of the next properties I visited through the Tomsen site, perhaps the next one, was quite near another pyramid shape, this time a gold version with the top removed. But, see, very similar to the split pyramid in Blackmount with the all seeing eye at the top. Baker Bloch is, in this way, merely standing in, as it were, for this eye.

For the record, the Blackmount pyramid is at about the 145 meter level, or about 55 meters above the ground, and owned by Jefferson Steeplechase, as Baker Blinker is checking right now. It’s called an “Illuminati pyramid,” with a description, “From the Robert Anton Wilson Memorial”. And I found a landmark to this memorial right at the top of the creator’s picks (Xelin Trilling), which Baker Bloch has already visited before when originally finding this Blackmount pyramid several months ago.

Then,*guess what*, Baker Blinker is presently finding, in teleporting to that location, that the memorial appears to no longer be there but her alter ego, Baker Bloch has, believe it or not, more recently visited this parcel anyway for different reasons: it’s in Kusanagi and owned by the FTL group, where he, in exploring the West End Road, was looking at eyelashes to go with his dead *eyes*, but deciding that it wasn’t a match at the time. Eyes again, even, like the All Seeing One at the top of the Wilson related pyramid. There *must* be something to all this, don’t you think? I mean, SL is small-ish, but it’s not *that small. 🙂 And Kusanagi has already come up in other synchy blog stuff, as described in this post from last month.


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