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Baker continues to roam, and some Pietmond changes… February 27, 2011

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The major, recent change is the deletion of Gallery Jack from the Pietmond grounds, although the empty structure still remains. I just thought it redundant, of course, that the works you encountered in this sampler gallery were already included in other town galleries. Plus no one really has visited Gallery Jack since it opened.

So I moved the map inside to what is really the center of town, most likely, right beside Orange House on Main Way. This replaces the old map that focused exclusively on the downtown area and the Pietmond art crawl galleries there. This map, instead, shows all of Pietmond in its full glory, hehe.

Oh, and another bonus about deleting the art of Gallery Jack: I now have over 200 prims to play around with total in Pietmond. Have an idea about another exhibitor I want to invite to show in the surrealist/collagist oriented Pietmond South Gallery, but will be mum on that for now. I’ve been very lucky about people not turning me down lately on showings, and don’t want to jinx my run now (!).

Let’s just have Baker Bloch head up the hill on Main Way to visit Pietmond South now.

Another aspect of Pietmond I rarely take note of is the continuation of the rocks starting beside Gallery None all the way to Main Way here, just behind Orange House.

The rocks quickly lead Baker to the similarly rarely visited cabin next to The Castle in the Rocks.

And this picture sort of explains why: nothing inside except rocks and grass and plants, with a bit of floor showing only near the front door and window.

This cabin was set up almost at the beginning of my Otaki Gorge land ownership period, so from early September 2010. But it use to be positioned where The Castle in the Rocks is now, just beside it. Who, if anyone, lived in the cabin is still one of the many Pietmond mysteries yet to be answered. Supposedly a family of friendly snakes presently live there called The Browns, although Baker didn’t see any signs of them during the current visit. Also inhabiting these rocks, in past/present/future and again according to town mythology, are The Greens and The Whites, also snake families and supposedly also quite friendly. Except maybe for The Whites a bit. OK, maybe The Greens as well.

The Castle in the Rocks is similarly devoid of internal objects save landscaping effects. Baker is somewhat surprised to find out that all 4 doors to the castle are still functional despite the lack of use over the months now, perhaps partially explainable due to the extremely low amount of rain the region gets. Nothing to rust the door mechanisms, see.

Amazing view from the rooftop, still.

Continuing in a direct line, Baker decides to also head up to Smelly’s Bar, long since abandoned as well. As you can see, it’s hard to rez much of anything in Pietmond from this distance with Baker’s 128 meter, default draw. Easy to understand how the bar failed to attract customers. Wonder what happened to Smelly, then?

Smelly’s Bar with surrounding “moat”. Is this the former site of a ancient castle? It would have to be one with a very small base, if so, although it could have also been very tall.

Hucka D.:

*I* use to live beside Smelly’s Bar. Because I am Smelly.


Hi Hucka D. You use to be Smelly?

Hucka D.:

*Am* Smelly. That’s my bar in that past/present/future spectrum you just mentioned. I sold honey. My honey.


So, er, it was a sweet smell instead of a sour smell.

Hucka D.:

Correct. (pause)


So you also know the story of the castle there? Perhaps Castle of The Rocks?

Hucka D.:

Yes! My castle and my rocks[ as well]. My path you just walked as Baker Bloch, really. That’s the old Pietmond path, the one not used now. But in the old days, when the sinkhole was just plants and forest and friendly or semi-friendly snakes, that was all we had: rock paths.


Was that the old Main Way[, then]?

Hucka D.:

Yes! It was. A row of castles, it was. Everyone had a castle, small or medium or large, then. It was the style of things in those days. You had Castle Bee, Burt, and Bill. The 3 B’s, they called it. All on the hill, just like, actually, that movie about the foxes you just watched tonight with Edna.


Fantastic Mr. Fox, you mean. Great movie. A bit too much action at the end, but that’s typical of animation these days. You’re talking about the line of factories on the top of the hill opposite The Foxes’ tree home. Let me dig up a picture.

Well, here’s their names anyway:

Here it is:


We’re going to pretend I found it now anyway.

Hucka D.:

Good idea. Because I want to talk about it more tonight. Each “B” had a pet snake, colored green, white and brown. These became The Greens, The Whites, and The Browns. There were 27 other snakes in the sinkhole, reduced to 26 because one was lost, which was actually OK with the others. You know the name of all these snakes, actually. You know the one called Mary Ellen.


Very interesting (!) Yes, I know her *now*, but I didn’t know her *then*. She grew up about a football field’s length from me. She unconsciously must know about Zircon, and, actually, all of Wazob mentioned numerous times now in this voluminous blog. She must buy into the idea of Wazob.

Hucka D.:

Yes (!). But just unconsciously for now. Do you see what Greens, Whites, Browns lead to now? Do you see how it all connects?


Kind of. I’m going to have to study that list of snakes again. For sure.