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West End History Bit: Extropia’s Goldfish January 13, 2011

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The Goldfish is a centre for all things filmic and fanciful, taking direct inspiration from First Life 1940s blends of art deco and Hollywood cinema. The building existed outside of Extropia once under the same name in a small region of Kusanagi, Jeogeot known as Shirow Street. The design of the cinema hasn’t changed much since this first incarnation, and it’s the board’s memories of this place which fostered the idea of transferring it to Extropia.

Kusanagi is a sim in West End just north of the West Coast Road, and, in fact, is caddycorner to the sim Baker Bloch was sitting in at the time his user’s discovery of the Goldfish-Jeogeot link quoted above. Making it doubly odd, I suppose. I promptly sent Baker over to Kusanagi to explore. More reporting soon on that, perhaps.

I’ll have to study up on Extropia more, now.

Oh… and we have here another West End-gold link as well. 🙂


One Response to “West End History Bit: Extropia’s Goldfish”

  1. […] Then,*guess what*, Baker Blinker is presently finding, in teleporting to that location, that the memorial appears to no longer be there but her alter ego, Baker Bloch has, believe it or not, more recently visited this parcel anyway for different reasons: it’s in Kusanagi and owned by the FTL group, where he, in exploring the West End Road, was looking at eyelashes to go with his dead *eyes*, but deciding that it wasn’t a match at the time. Eyes again, even, like the All Seeing One at the top of the Wilson related pyramid. There *must* be something to all this, don’t you think? I mean, SL is small-ish, but it’s not *that small. And Kusanagi has already come up in other synchy blog stuff, as described in this post from last month. […]

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