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Pietmond History, Part 1 of 11 (proposed): Historic Sites February 15, 2011

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Peter’s Mound:

What town is built around, not Peter’s Rock. Rumored to be the grave of Peter SoSo’s father Peter The Good, if not his grandfather Peter The Great. But not his great grandfather Peter the All Knowing Supreme, I don’t think.

Norum Cemetery:

Transposed directly from Norum, and containing graves of Iva Ben Steppedon, among others. Dead within (bodies mysteriously missing now) thought merely to be sleeping and cutting “z’s”.

Peter’s Rock:

Mysterious, later inclusion to Norum Cemetery and also originally found in Norum. Is said to be the rock Pietmond was build on, its bedrock. But this is a lie. Thought to have powerful geomagnetic properties, another lie. Enclosed in iron fence encompassing 32 square meters (8×4) on separate parcel from rest of Pietmond (lie). Thought to be connected to Karoz Blogger’s legendary 32 prim fuchsia diamond (= rock), yet another lie most likely.

Urobouros Pipe:

One of earliest sites of Pietmond featuring pipe from Norum’s Blue Feather Gallery, a memorial of sorts, then. Now off No Way just east of Lime House and north of TILE Temple. Norum’s ginormous Blue Feather Gallery almost moved to Otaki Gorge, but it wouldn’t quite fit, leaving the door open to the founding of the Pietmond town instead. Memorial of sorts this is then. If the Blue Feather would have been moved to Otaki Gorge from Norum, this would have been an entrance. It acts as a memorial.

Home o’ Fibs:

One of original structures of town, transposed directly from Norum. Originally placed just east of Norum Cemetery, where Tower of TILE would eventually be. Now in Pietmond South just north of Pietmond South Gallery. Holds pictures (Lord Chancellor Chesaw, Cat-Turtle, Chancellor Lord Saw-chee, etc.) and objects (Trivia Ratsuit apple pie, so forth) related to The Bakers’ experience on Big Island of Azure Islands’ former Comet Archipelago. Later also found at the center of Big Sink, where it was first registered as an official Sunklands historic site, a distinction it retains in Pietmond. Signage pending.

House of Truth:

One of original structures of town, transposed directly from Norum. Former home of Sapphire in Norum, queen ruler of at least the eastern half of the Jeogeot continent in Pre-Linden era (pre LL). Holds pictures related to Jeogeot cosmology and geomancy in accordance with Sapphire’s last wishes. Presently sits exactly where it first did in Otaki Gorge, just southeast of Peter’s Mound off Half Way (See: Ways). But in-between it also sat at eastern end of Long Way. The Pietmond version is instead said to be the home of Warren Zeevon. In the first shots of the Pietmond Psychic TV series, Peter SoSo is seen walking down Long Way to visit Warren at the House of Truth.


One of original structures of town, transposed directly from Norum. First sat on top of Castle Rocks but later moved just west to make room for The Castle in the Rocks. Presently unoccupied except for rocks, plants and a family of friendly snakes (The Browns).

Pietmond Labyrinth:

Traditional 7-circuit labyrinth with unique coloring system created at the center of the Otaki Gorge sinkhole. Norum cemetery directly embedded within it, as is Peter’s Rock. Now on lowest floor (excluding Pietmond Underground) of TILE Temple.

SoSo Gallery (I):

Featured Oblong Series, as does SoSo East gallery later on. Sits in same general place as SoSo East as well.


The grid lines of modern Pietmond, its sidewalks and modes of transportation from one place to another. Includes Main Way, Long Way, No Way, Peter’s Way (formerly Short Way), Cathedral Way, Half Way, and Blue Jay Way. Half Way in eastern Pietmond is cobblestone; the rest are cement. All were created in October, 2010, although some were later extended as well.

Castle in the Rocks, The:

Said to be the original TILE place of worship in town (debatable). Located at south terminus of Cathedral Way, on top of Castle Rocks.

Castle Rocks:

Former home to snake families The Browns, The Greens, and The Whites. Only The Browns remain in area, although The Whites spend their vacations here still.

Orange House:

Home of Baker Bloch, unofficial town mayor, historian, and janitor. Proposed site of Town Hall, against Baker’s wishes. Essential duplicate of Lime House and Lemon House. Former residence of Peter SoSo, original town superhero and do-everythinger in the Pietmond Psychic TV series. On corner of Main Way and Long Way.

Lemon House:

Formerly independent structure of Pietmond now attached to the Blue Feather Gallery. Essential duplicate of Orange House and Lime House. Use to sit almost caddycorner to Orange House in southwest direction, off Main Way. Said to have been home to The Martins and possibly the alien Colgates. Martins may have originally lived in Orange House before the arrival of Peter SoSo, but then forced to fly the coup, as it were.

Lime House:

Former residence of mysterious Ticky Bill figure, who always had library books checked out of Downtown but was nowhere to be seen when they came due. Lime House is an essential duplicate of Orange House and Lemon House, found just east of the gazebo and south of Rookwood.


Originally found in Gallery Jack I but controversially moved beside downtown area, just west of Lime House. Tilted to fit landscaping.

Gallery Nine/None:

Early structure of Pietmond, former home of Gallery 9 which, when deactivated, turned into Gallery None instead. Town preacher/undertaker/gerbil proprietor Warren Zeevon assigned responsibility for cleaning up remaining art and changing all “i”s of signage to “o”s. Good ol’ Warren.

TILE Cathedral:

Largest structure of pre-Art Crawl Pietmond, all on one, open level. In center was the Pietmond Labyrinth. Later replaced by multi-level TILE Temple.

House Greenup:

Slightly controversial home to the Greenup collage series of the “Art 10×10”, and off Half Way in northeast part of region. Locked up for longest time because of secret nature of book within (ahem, “Floy*dodo*”). Unlocked by Warren Zeevon at request of Peter SoSo after discovery of baffling Pietmond Labyrinth underneath TILE Cathedral (TV series again).

Pietmond House of Pancake (deleted):

Former multi-level structure of Pietmond where actors in the Pietmond Psychic TV series prepared for the day’s shooting (applying makeup, etc.). Said have been just west of Peter’s Mound, perhaps atop it even.

Smelly’s Bar:

Location of never completed bar for Pietmond. Rumored to be site of old castle, since there’s a moat there and all. In extreme eastern Otaki Gorge, detached from Pietmond to its west, actually. Particularly awful location for the town’s proposed central watering hole, then. Choice unsuccessful.

TILE Temple:

Larger, multi-level structure that essentially replaced the functions of the former TILE Cathedral, located on the same parcel. The bottom floor snugly contains the Pietmond Labyrinth, including the Old Norum Cemetery and fenced in Peter’s Rock. The middle floor now acts as the site of the Something To CHRO About Gallery. The top floor is called the Pod Pad, an unfinished musical establishment perhaps acting as future home to the unofficial Second Life musical group, The Residents. In connection with this, it is rumored that Philip Rosedale, founder of Second Life and fellow San Franciscan, has become, also unofficially, the “5th Resident”.

Tower of TILE:

Towering structure in east Pietmond that is now home to the “Baker Bloch in England” exhibit, formerly located in the Blue Feather Gallery in Norum. Also at the eastern end of Pietmond Underground passage.

SoSo East gallery:

Present home of baker b.’s Oblong series of 20 collages, part of his oft mentioned “Art 10×10” in this blog. Sits on location of old SoSo (SoSo I) containing same series.

SoSo West gallery (“Downtown”):

Present home of Mike Casey art exhibit, filling formerly empty Downtown with often colorful and always thought provoking abstractions. Directly across Main Way from SoSo East.

Norum Gallery:

Small but tall, multi-level gallery directly north of SoSo West currently featuring the collage work of Julie Sadler. Structure formerly located in Pietmond South beside Piney Wood, but moved to make room for Castle Bill (since deleted).

Rookwood Cottage:

Small structure opened on one side to the middle floor of TILE Temple. Acts as entrance to the Something To CHRO About gallery featured on this middle floor.

Pietmond Underground:

Subterranean passageways underneath the TILE Temple forming two, larger rooms. Connects Main Way with Cathedral Way. Said to be haunted, which I know personally to be quite true. Also the site where alien Casey Colgate passed out from drunkenness and missed his wedding to Daisy Foxboro.

Pietmond UFO:

Former structure in Pietmond hovering directly atop TILE Temple. Home to The Colgates after the successful completion of their nuptial ceremonies several months later.

Castle Bill (Billstle):

Former structure in southwest section of Pietmond, next to the now also deleted Piney Woods. Home to The Bill, which may have included Ticky Bill and his always plaid clad brother, Tacky.

Piney Woods:

Deleted forest thick with pines of all sizes once behind similarly deleted Castle Bill from direction of Pietmond downtown. Area: about 2500 square meters. Small pool of water (Woody Pine Pool) and Shack near center.

Gallery Jack (I):

Original Gallery Jack of town featuring 6 of the 8 (or, alternately 4 of the 6) series of baker b.’s “Art 10×10”, or Rose Hill, Yale-Newton, Hidalgo, and Wheeler-Jasper. Placed where Blue Feather Gallery is now.

Blue Feather Gallery:

Structure featuring very condensed (but more correct) version of the “Jeogeot Through Art and Word” exhibit originally found in a much larger (“ginormous”) Blue Feather Gallery in Noru(m). Has absorbed former Lemon House structure. Easternmost current Pietmond structure/site. Connected to rest of Pietmond through Blue Jay Way and Half Way.

Jasper-Newton Memorial Garden:

Former garden spot at southern terminus of Main Way now occupied by Pietmond South Gallery. Of statues Jasper (black), Newton (white), and Jack (red all over), only Jack was retained in the transition.

Pietmond South Gallery:

Larger, four-level gallery featuring collage and surrealist artists, starting with Kenneth Rougeau (floor 1). Statue of Jack just outside.

Gallery Jack (II):

Latest structure in Pietmond (2/11), featuring condensed version of almost all Pietmond galleries excluding the Blue Feather, and acting as Welcome Center for the town. Ironically does not contain the Jack statue, which is instead at front of Pietmond South Gallery as just mentioned. Cool also because it contains replica bits and pieces from other parts of Pietmond structures/locations (signage, etc.).