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Where? February 4, 2011

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“Just testing to see if Hucka D., by chance, is back.”



Ready now.


Hi Chester.


The moon is full now. Mowing Mooing. Complete. Olive. Oliver. Olivier.


Chester, do you know Hucka D.?


Oliver is in da house. Da House.


Is this the same as Blue Feather Douglas, the great Crabwoo lawyer? The one who became absorbed into the game/philosophy/religion of TILE? (pause) The one who built the temple on the Blue Feather Sea? (pause)


Er is will doth devine. Wrinkle Postle womp rattle beetle fiddle rankle wop. Feelie upper under glowclothe unitas. Bart Starry Night upper wonder stevie craft religion. Postal stamp rattly oblong wratchet… ratchet. Feeling USA upper pitcher star…ry night. Fandan… go. Real time religion upper wonder starry night religion practice feely upper. Religion practice wonder star upper night sky religion starry wonder. Night wonder. Nightflight. Night. Night.


Chester might have been indicating Nightfield, so I logged in as Baker Bloch and hopped over there. Why didn’t Blinks answer Baker Bloch back?

But there was something definitely different in Nightfield: a sand creature with scary, flopping arms had been added to the neighboring pool with the 2 lidded chest of gold bullion.



Pietmond South Gallery…

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… is now open (!) The multi-level gallery is currently featuring the works of digital artist Kenneth Rougeau on floor 1, including examples from his wonderful “Alice” collage series.

I’ll go into more details soon.

Keep in touch with all my gallery action through the “My SL Galleries” page at the top of this blog.