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Pietmond Developments February 3, 2011

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Pietmond is expanding a bit again, but I’m not sure the second Tower of TILE on the grounds (center) will last. Both towers presently contain the same exhibit: “Baker Bloch in England.”

I do like the larger, flatter structure beside it, though, which I plan to turn into some kind of gallery. Homage to collage?

I realized while taking above pictures that the new tower simply wasn’t fitting in (and it was protruding into my neighbor’s property), so I deleted the thing. Great from some angles in the town, not so great from others. Mixed bag — not good enough.

Which still leaves only one Tower of TILE in Pietmond (left), which I increased in height the same night to help block a new neighbor’s plywood build.

Now I can focus on what to put in the new gallery structure.