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7 Stones Developments January 31, 2012

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The sidewalk system of the town seems essentially finished. Here Baker stands at what appears to be the primary entrance into the village, complete now with a city limits sign. Compare here to the similar signs once adorning the classic 2010 Pietmond community.

Mr. Bean stands on the porch of one of two identical rose colored cottages in the town. The idea is that he’ll appear in various places throughout 7 Stones and act as a portal back to the town hall and the new, central map, which I’ll get to in a moment.

The walkway then skirts the edge of the protected 7 Stones park area, curving into the meat of the town. I’ll also talk more about these actual 7 stones in a future post, I’m sure.

The beating heart of the village, and another 7 stones, this time of a stacked variety. The two, “stuck” robots are a new addition, one attempting to walk northwest (blue) and one southwest (red) but both blocked from further progress by the stacked rocks. For some reason neither one is able to just simply circle around the rocks and continue on their way.

Luckily, Baker doesn’t have that problem, and continues into the upper part of the village, walking past House Greenup now to his left on the way to Gallery Jack, the largest of 7 Stones’ structures.

Resting beside coppery Brash for a spell before heading back down into the village’s heart.

Into the heart, once more.

Is this the *true* center, though? Hehe.

Energy pattern of the village’s walkways, crossing only once at the stack of 7 stones with the oppositely colored robots. Additionally, a hidden energy line (dotted) seems to be marked by the two, official city signs we’ve covered above (“Town Limits” and “Town Dump”).

Another view of this crossroads.

City Hall just above, complete with a town map now.

There’s the second, rose colored cottage I mentioned before.


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