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Route 14 to Route 13, 02 January 17, 2012

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Beyond the northern end of Route 14 lies the Ashram of Brahma’s Healing & Psychic Centre, which appears to occupy about 1/2 the sim of Airtol Hill and is owned by the Spirit Mountain group in the main, I believe. Nicely landscaped; I’ll add more description about the place at a later date.

Spirit Cave at Spirit Mountain on the property, a seeming highlight.

Attempting to reach the northern end of Route 13 almost directly west of here, Baker heads toward the beige colored highlands above the centre…

… first stopping at a queer little property beside a huge walled area (not explored this night) which enables him to establish a new base of operations for the region. Nice.

More emptiness as Baker approaches the crest of the highlands.

The end of Route 13 is found. Baker Bloch now plans to bike down its entire length, and then head back across the peninsula to similarly find the beginning of Route 14. Stay tuned!

Haunted house near the northern terminus of Route 13.

Route 14 to Route 13, 03


Route 14 to Route 13, 01

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Baker Bloch begins his tour of these two Nautilus continent routes (discussed at the end of this post just below) one-third the way up Route 14, running along the western coast of the peninsula we’re calling Australia for now. I’ll keep the reader or readers abreast of any name changes.

Here’s the view from Baker Bloch’s manifested perch in Gonkbrunk, with the Dead Mole’s Curve of Route 14 directly below.

Close-up of the official LDPW historic marker, complete with comic description.

Much wonderful, rolling countryside here, along with a surprising number of cars, trunks and other vehicles. These are, of course, the now famous (or some say infamous) AnneMarie Oleander vehicles found in profusion on all Linden roads around the mainland. They don’t really bother me at all while I bike through Baker Bloch on various routes, but the physics involved in the vehicles definitely needs a bit of work.

2/3rds the way up Route 14 from its southern terminus we encounter another Linden Dept. of Public Works landmark: Seven Chickens Bridge.

More nice countryside beyond, if a bit empty. Not as empty as most mainland, though, since we’re nearer the ocean. Seaside properties are almost always more valuable than inland parcels, and tend to be more occupied.

Old map of the mainland I found in a house next to the road. Interesting that Maebaleia remains unnamed on it, and that the Corsica continent is still forming east to west. I’ve not seen this particular map before.

Nearer the northern end of the route we begin to see evidence of increased population, once more.

Marker at the upper terminus of Route 14, with a small parking area beside it. I like the way a bit of farcical history has been woven into each of the 4 LDPW landmarks along the route. Both Route 14 and its parallel partner Route 13, hugging the opposite (western) coastline of Australia, are about a mile and a 1/2 in length.

Route 14 to Route 13, 02