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Gallery Jack/SoSo added to Pietmond… October 24, 2010

On hill to west, overlooking the town proper. Inside, again, are 4 of the 6 art/collage 10×10 series. The 5th lies in the SoSo gallery still sitting atop Gallery Jack, like it did in Orions Vale (I had to give up that land for this land). But I believe the name SoSo is best absorbed into Gallery Jack.

House Greenup (right), containing the original and remaining series, is just beside. What I’ve been calling “Gallery 9” (left) has currently been deactivated, since all the collages within are now found in the other 2 galleries.

Long shot looking west across the town toward Gallery Jack.

Yet another import from Orions Vale, or will be soon: the little bar in the middle of the woods created from an old A-frame, just east of town and still in the Otaki Gorge sim. This time it sits in a sort of moat. I have a feeling this bar will soon have its own story to tell, with the perhaps struggling proprietor a member of the Pietmond community.


“Let’s bring in Hucka D. for some quality entertainment. Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Good evening. Where do I sign up to be a resident of Pietmond? I want to contribute. Torsit says he wants to be a resident too. But he won’t be out [of jail] for a long, long time. They might even execute him. I’m planning a jail break. Want to contribute?


Maybe it’s best that Torsit stays in jail, Hucka D. After all he did threaten to kill the love of your life.

Hucka D.:

I know she’s not real now. *Torsit* doesn’t know that — he just read some loose ideas from the blog. Avid reader, you know. He said he really enjoyed reading the whole of Floydodo just after he killed Bracket Jupiter. But, thing is, it’s all blank pages. He only *thought* he read something real and tangible — projection. Queer, eh?


Yes, it is (!) So Floydodo’s just a blank book. Of no substance whatsoever.

Hucka D.:

None. You wish to talk of The Bill, though, and their influence on Pietmond tonight. Good topic!


Well… I was thinking — to start anyway — along the lines of Orange, Lemon, and Lime houses.

Hucka D. (quickly):

Orange is more fleshed out. Lime less so. There’s arguments that it isn’t even part of Pietmond and should be torn down. Lemon is between the 2. Orange… yellow… green; whole… half… void.


That was my thinking[ not surprisingly]. Lemon [House] lies in a halfway world between Orange/whole and Lime/empty or barren.

Hucka D.:

Pietmond has many stories to tell, as you’ll soon see. The Castle in The Rocks, for example: it was the original TILE Temple on the grounds. This is the birthplace of TILE, you see. The Cathedral of TILE is just the latest and last version. Sink, sank, sunk. Sunklands. This is where it all begins/will begin/has begun. A past/future paradise. Come a long way and a long way to go. Now you must create a confederation.


Confederation of sinks?

Hucka D.:



Oh. Let me insert a picture of the town limits sign while I’m thinking about it. Technically, the galleries aren’t a part of town.

Hucka D.:

They were kicked out because the rest of the town wanted more art than just your collages. Don’t blame them. Nothing against the collages themselves, of course. Pietmond itself, after all, is the newest of your collages.


Right. My thinking as well… again. Each part seems to be where it belongs. Lemme go inworld and take that sign picture. (pause)

So here we have a picture of the gazebo I neglected to mention before, to the north of the downtown, as we’re calling it.

Hucka D.:

That gazebo has another story to tell. It use to be in Gallery Jack but was removed. Another group of people protested this as well. Pietmond town meetings can get a little rough. You should go to one.

bb (laughing):

Thanks. I will if you will. So here’s the signage. On the front: “To Galleries”. On the back: “Pietmond Town Limits”. This demonstrates the separation of the two regions.

Hucka D.:

The gazebo, like the Lime House beside it, was seen by some residents as also outside the community. Some members of the town even showed up with limes to pelt gallery supporters with. It got nasty. And juicy!


Is that why Lime House was never finished?

Hucka D.:

Yes. Kind of. You should also know that House Greenup wasn’t originally a gallery but a residence. Same for Gallery 9, and there’s discussion about whether it should be converted to apartments, once more, given the now overcrowded situation in Pietmond itself. 20 residents total now, I believe.


Where do they live? I know: another night.

Hucka D.:

Another night. Goodnight!

The disputed Lime House, directly beside the similarly controversial gazebo.


5 Responses to “Gallery Jack/SoSo added to Pietmond…”

  1. edna million Says:

    That looks like a VERY complicated place-

  2. bakerblinker Says:

    That’s the illusion I wanted to give anyway. And I only had to buy 200 more dollars of land. A bargain!! (just joking, I’ve only paid 18 dollars since you left).

  3. bakerblinker Says:

    Actually maybe a bit over 20 dollars. And Pietmond has its own Flickr site (!)


    This should keep me busy for 2 or 3 weeks more anyway.

  4. And I only paid 18 dollars for one piece of property that I had to have to complete the gallery effect, which was about 3x as much as I usually pay for that same amount of land. But I think I made the right choice (don’t addicts always think they’re doing the right thing??).

  5. […] at what appears to be the primary entrance into the village, complete now with a city limits sign. Compare here to the similar signs once adorning the classic 2010 Pietmond […]

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