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Happy, 02 January 22, 2012

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Entrance to Ancient Happy, or what remains of it.

Many mysterious passages within, too numerous to make a coherent map, it seems. But I might still try.

Stone stairs on the north side lead to the green top of Mysten Underhill. A large rock jutting up from the green beside the house with the occult related objects inside discovered the previous night caught Baker’s eye — “How did he miss such a thing?”*

Pumpkin found in the underground (underhill?) not far from the foot of the stone stairs. Baker Bloch touched the pumpkin and received a prize: William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence and Exerience”. Lucky boy!

Impossible (in Real Life) bottom side of the village’s stream viewed upwards.

Mysten Parva has its own, even larger underground, larger in terms of ceiling height at least.

Baker stands next to the dividing line between Mysten Underhill and Mysten Parva. Can you see it?

Mysten Underhill (right) and Mysten Parva (left), once more.

By the by, I also found out that Mysten was Grey at one time.


* Hucka D. has indicted to me subsequently that this is called Nick Rock, and has something to do with St. Nick of Sunklands. Hmmm.


Harry? 02

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“What do you do when the thing you most wanted, so perfect, just comes?”

~ Charles Morritz, The Red Violin


Start a tour of Upper Austra, beginning at my hideout near the top of Lower Austra. But Upper Austra may be blocked.

Dig more into the history of Happy and Mysten (Harry? Jerry?) at the center of Lower Austra. What is the relationship of the green Happy cube with the Sphere of MessiaenSphere?


You know what Stone reveals. See here:


The River Key. Locke and Key.


Go back. RED.


So what I’m thinking is that the HAPPY Cube is a portal back to Wiltshire, England, where not too far down the road crop circles will start to appear once more.