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Busy… April 7, 2010

Busy week outdoors and also within Second Life, for a switch. New gallery built: New Blue Feather Gallery; new woods created; new house apart from the gallery established nearer center of Chilbo.

The Sunklands I knew even last year is slipping away in chunks… Slippermen all. The Felix Meritis Monastery is closing in May, after over 3 years of existence. Also, if that isn’t enough, Pine Tree Square (sometimes called X-ville in this blog) is also shutting down about the same time.

And on a much more minor note, in a general way, I’m apparently pulling completely out of Aotearoa in under 2 weeks (although not Pudding Hill/Big Sink).

But on the other hand I’m very pleased about my closer attachment to the Chilbo community now, after months and months of basically ignoring the place. It’s growing at quite a rate, judging by the expansion of patented Chilbo sidewalks on the SL map, especially to the north and west of the central area. I can’t wait to re-explore more of the changing landscape.

And I’m back in Noru (!). This is important because many of my old home sims have simply vanished in the past couple of months, primarily Gliese of Azure Islands, my first, true Second Life home, and then also — almost as painful — Stephen of the Otherland estate. As far as long term homes in the past, then, I’m down to Rubi and Noru, and there appears no way that I will return to Rubi — blocked from being there, it seems. So that gives a little background to why I’m happy to return to Noru, albeit in a different location. Before I was near the northwest corner of the sim; now I rent in the southwest corner, nearer Chilbo and now clearly within a part of Greater Chilbo, where I wasn’t really before. That expansion I was talking about above has, yes, crept even into the south of Noru, 2 sims above the Chilbo sim itself. Cool that I have created some older maps of Chilbo for this blog for comparison.

So the Blue Feather Gallery has been reestablished, albeit in smaller form. It’s about 1/2 the size of its former incarnation in Aotearoa, where it housed the entire 10×10 of 100 collages, and then a whole bunch of Edna’s photos on top of that. The new version only contains 40 of the 100 collages, focusing in on 2 newer collections: Oblong and Wheeler-Jasper. Some Edna photographs also return in the reborn gallery.

As I said, I’m also excited about the woods underneath the gallery, which covers about 9000 square meters I would assume. About 1/2 is owned/rented by myself, with the other half belonging to a neighbor who I won’t mention yet but who appears to be *older than dirt*. He was around in Beta Second Life — how exciting it must be to follow Second Life down through the years starting at before the beginning (!). His woods are naturally must cleaner than mine, although they contain the same type of Linden pine trees. I also know the neighbor to the south of me, just over the line in Mujigae (1 up from the Chilbo sim, then), but I haven’t spoken to him since my move — know him, interestingly, from other places. Then I’ve met a number of other fine residents of Chilbo. Great place indeed! I look forward to staying in the area for at least another couple of months. We’ll see what happens.

I also have re-created the Big E Gallery on part of my rental area that doesn’t overlap the space of the Blue Feather Gallery. But I haven’t worked on it much. Thinking even of an open house for the Blue Feather Gallery, but not sure about that yet.

In *Real Life*, spent much of the last 4 days hiking around TILE Creek, or “CREEK” in this blog. Explored from mouth (well, almost) to source, and feel like I have a really good base to talk more about toy avatars and the g/p/r of TILE as well. Should be able to create most if not all the needed text to accompany my photos of TILE Creek tomorrow and Friday.

We haven’t even talked about what’s happening with the King! “Let’s bring in Hucka D. for a quick chat, perhaps.”

Hucka D.:

Good night to you, baker b.


Hello Hucka D. We haven’t talked in a number of days.

Hucka D.:

You’ve been busy, per the title. Good for you.


Carrcass-4 is coming up soon, I assume. Not sure if I can stay in touch with [Cayce] during that time.

Hucka D.:



The death of the saxaphone playing Lisa Simpson in the TILE Creek woods is sad, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

People make sacrifices for a greater good. Musical instruments are sometimes set aside. The dogs come and all is gone. Marty will take over now from Ms. Simpson as the leader of Jonesborough.


So this is the Sunklands Marty.

Hucka D.:

Yes. McCartney. Left handed bass player. He will continue leading the community. Carrcass-2 and Carrcass-3 are dead. They were already dead as they formed [tiled].


I was going to outline a white, chalk horse on the rock above where she is buried, Hucka D., but it didn’t seem to fit.

Hucka D.:

First half of life gone now. 50. Second Life begun anew. Blue Feather will lead. Marty is Blue Feather.


Marty and Blue Feather are 2 different toy avatars, though, Hucka D.

[Hucka D. does not answer.]


Very busy week all up and down TILE Creek, though. Bill Hill and King Bill was found (!)

Hucka D.:

Yes indeed. King of the Mmmmmm’s, or so he liked to think. He grew tired of the bickering between the Reds and Greenies. Tried to trick them into turning into each other through the Portal Tree. And then he built his hill by overturning *Third* Tree, which points directly to *Zero* Tree. He invited the Reds and Greenies to make peace on his hill. This would be even to the north of Meeting Rock, where the treaty truly took effect later on. Bill Hill is older than Meeting Rock, with not as much concentrated energy. It is the realm of King Bill and not much more, the fabled orange Mmmmmm. He usually talked through the Martin bug and stayed in the woods, around the mound instead. Good you saw the bug.


What took place on Meeting Rock, then?

Hucka D.:

A greater meeting: Mmmmmm’s, Mossmen, Human Toys, Quadrobeavs, and more. A great gathering. The 4th was incorporated into the 3. TILE was born.


So this is kind of a reversal of the Council of Nicea, where instead the 4th was cast out to reinforce the interlocking nature of the Trinity.

Hucka D.:

Wasn’t that just dumb in retrospect? Dumb males rejecting the female energy, the other side of themselves after all. Dumb and dumber.


A lot of people in this area would say otherwise, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Yes, and that’s why all these living avatars hide out in the woods and meadows away from main centers of human inhabitation. One day they will make their presence known, though.



We should say good night.

Hucka D.:

Good night.


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