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TILE Creek (Aka “CREEK”) 04 April 5, 2010

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Bill’s Hill or “Bill Hill” seen through two large pine trees that, in effect, act as a gateway.

The martin bug found near the two pine trees mentioned above. He said that Bill was not available for consultation now, and that I should look to inner guidance until the great guru of the Mmmmmm’s was once again taking visitors, perhaps in a month or so. As I think I briefly explained before, the Martin bug is only other sentient, talking creature presently living in the Good Meadow or the Realm of Bill. and is King Bill’s right hand man, er, bug.

Then we move on up TILE Creek to the place where a number of toy avatars rezzed into existence year before last, to take part in the storyline of the Salad Bar in the River of TILE movie. Mysteriously, the big white tile that was barely exposed at the time has now become much more so. What was called Rez Rock then appears directly above this tile (actually, this “tile” appears to be a part of an old porcelain commode, but just play along with me once more, if you don’t mind dear reader or readers).

The Wilderness, talked about a bit in, for example, this November 2008 post. This is where the armies led by Hucka Doobie and Grassy Noll, past versions, clashed with each other in the last battle of the last war ever fought among toy avatars. Grassy Noll’s army moved up from the south, at Jonesborough. Hucka Doobie’s army came down from the north and New Hope. The Wilderness, made up of endless tangles of rhododendron set among towering hemlock trees, fills the void between the two. To this day, it remains a wilderness, and unsettled out of respect for those who were slain. The psychic implications of this battle are still being felt in the region even today.

Then of course I had to visit Jonesborough while in the area, and check in on the toy avatars that have chosen to live there. Remember I just mentioned psychic implications of past wars? Well, my new theory — formed just as I’m typing these words — is that the tragic death of assumed leader Lisa The Vegetarian (soon to be sainted, I’m assured), a saxophone playing heiress of some fortune, is an example of just such a residue effect. We can cobble together some of the story of this important toy avatar from this post and also this post. It appears from past research that Lisa The Vegetarian may have been the actual entity to create the portal allowing toy avatars to settle in the TILE Creek area, using the most advanced scientific research and methods vast quantities of money could buy. More on that story later.

The immediate cause of the tragic death of this important toy avatar is attributed to wild animals, perhaps foxes or even coyotes. Below we have pictures of the funeral, attended by most of those who survived the attacks, which also killed others of the community.

The 4th Beetle, Marty (variant of The Beatles’ McCartney, as in Sir Paul ), throws in the first handful of dirt over the corpse, interred along with her beloved saxophone. He also becomes the defacto new leader of the ravaged community. Can they pick up the pieces after this horror? Hucka D. has indicated to me that, yes, they can, and he’ll help. But first, advances must be made at Whitehead Crossing in neighboring Frank Park. Again, more on that soon.

As I head back to the car, I decided to take another photo of King Hemlock beside TILE Creek, which the fallen Tree of Bill directly points to. And while I was walking past, a dog emerged from the woods right at the top of the fallen tree. Probably means something.


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  1. […] may mark the grave of a pet of some sort. Or maybe an *avatar*? (once more). We do know now from pictures of the Lisa The Vegetarian funeral that avatars practice burial rituals. Perhaps they learned this from their creator, and the fact […]

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