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Biking, Cont. 02 November 20, 2009

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Just south of the mysterious underwater tunnel on Route 10 is this handsome cable-stayed bridge shared between Silvercreek and Aberhart. The land to the right of the channel in the background is actually part of a large island, with its west end in Silvercreek and the east end in Morkeleb 3 sims west. Morkeleb is the sim containing Old Sternberg, which means at least the western part of this island must be considered part of its metropolitan area, I suppose. I’ll then return to this island asap and relay further information about it through this blog.

The more I think about it, the more I’m sure I’ll probably rent in X-ville (Pine Tree Square) in the near future, most likely before, um, X-mas. As a side note, I wonder if Hucka D. called it X-ville because of the crossroads of Route 9 and Route 10 within its limits? (…mental note here to ask him) And also didn’t LRPV say he lived in X-ville for a spell? Think so.

Interesting configuration of houses on the island just above the Silvercreek-Aberhart bridge — not visited this night, though.

Some kind of large green squares with blue borders spied on the west side of Route 10 in Cambrian. Baker’s nearing Hucka D.’s foully spoken of Y-borough. He later determines that the same kind of squares make up the ground pattern of this “dark twin” to nearby X-ville, again according to Hucka D. Or was it Plant who spoke of the two in this manner?

Anyway, just on the other side of the road is this nice development Baker visited once before. Rentals are a little out of his price range, although the grounds are nice. Assuming he soon rents in X-ville, I’m sure Baker will be returning to this site as well.

Then it’s Y-borough to his south only a click further down Route 10.

Are those windows over there all broken out? he asks while wondering why his bike won’t go any faster. Yeah, he would admit that it looks more than a bit creep from this perspective. And first impressions are difficult to shake.

Baker reaching the outskirts of a never-looked-better X-ville. He’s completed his big loop around Jeogeot’s “western claw”, with the junction of Route 10 and Route 9 just ahead.

X-ville residential area. Not bad! Not Y-borough.

Nice little downtown as well. He’s learning to really respect it.

But the biggest discovery of the trip was yet to come, for while visiting the PTS rental shop in X-ville he learned of its twin city of Teasdale, way over on the Gaeta continent. He used the acquired landmark there to take a look…

He’s very impressed! It’s considerably larger than X-ville/Pine Tree Square, although it apparently has about the same population. Much larger urban district — maybe serving a bigger metro area, then?

Long story short for now, Baker decided to rent a house on the outskirts of town (center, below), next to a sim sized labyrinth maze. Several nights later he also rents a Teasdale business space to create a new version of the Something To Chro About Gallery, last seen in Yapland/Healy. New adventures will soon be in store for certain!


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