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Redd Zepppelin… November 18, 2009

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Karoz has memory erased from former times. Chilbol explosion. Chilbolton. He does not immediately make connection between this and Ancients. Lennonists… Marxists. I had to remind him when he reads this…

“Two places?” he asked. “How can you…” Then it dawns on him. Somewhat. Rabbit Hole. Continents. 2 places.

“I know why Lemon was in Maebaleia now,” he said to himself quietly.


Hucka D.:

There is — was — a difference between Lemon Days and Salad Days. Latter precedes former. Toy avatars were around in latter days. Former days started the reforms. Reformers… St. Lemon… nudity. Weather was partially erased. Shivering stopped. Woods were made … golf was thoroughly invested as a national pastime over bruiseball. Plaid was empowered. Jack’s nudie films were barred days of past. The lettuce wilts.


Additional note: Red Zeppelin (real location, sans Woods portrait) has texture and color suspiciously like Joplin Ball/Sphere now in restored Temple of TILE.



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Karoz had more adventures tonight. Not involving the Moon people this time, but fellow artists probably closer to his own ilk. Long story short he was eventually pointed to this post in this blog (blog which I’ve added as a link to this blog). I’ll have more to say about that in a future post here, in all likelihood. Karoz made 2 more friends tonight — that’s 4 in 3 days! Met Bacon Hellershanks, who is next to Baker Bloch alphabetically in Steinbeck’s well known art gallery list. The meeting is where it all started. I’m beginning to have theories about synchronicities and creative people. More happen around them! Or maybe it’s just more of like minds attract (like). Bacon, btw, creates some really wonderful line based drawings, found in his Vapor Ware Gallery in Lunata. Go by and see!

Still trying to sort out *exactly* what happened. But a “Mr. B” is involved — I do know that.*


*11/20/09: I soon learned that I was talking, through SL instant messages, to an actual neighbor and also a kind of unofficial spokesperson of the Amazing Mr. Bickford. He’s also an artist in his own right. I’m truly amazed!