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Chilbo, Spheres… November 19, 2009

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One more shot from Nowtown by Baker Bloch, depicting a huge water drop positioned above the lava stream flowing from near the top of Nowtown Mountain, as we’ll call it for lack of an official name. But admittedly it’s a trick shot, for the giant drop is merely a tiny drop of water Blochs found floating in front of a small store selling heraldry paraphenalia near the Brainwash Art Center. He just moved his camera around until the tiny object seemed to be hugely superimposed above the lava flow, a phony threat to snuff out its heated existence by dropping, thus. As is my nature, I suspiciously believe that even the chance to even create such an impossible, surreal juxtaposion may have meaning in a larger picture, since this lava flow down into the Fyre Maven temple, where it is actually quenched by water, represents the spiritual centerpiece of the community, at least according to Hucka D. and also Little Robert Plant Variant.

Is this new juxtaposion shown above any less real, actually, than the positioning of the temple and lava flow together in the first place? A metaphysical question not unworthy of asking, I feel.

But moving on…

… to Karoz chill’n in Chilbo, the next day I believe. Some sit poseballs at the “Art Part” museum near the center of the Chilbo sim, or not to far south of it, attract Karoz’s attention because of their similar color and texture to the Joplin Ball — yes, that’s actually what he thought when he saw them. Currently the small, 2 room museum houses only 3 distinct pieces of art, including the one behind Karoz by Gretchen Capalin, inspired by fractal art it seems. Quite nice.

More art nearby in a place called the Gemini Art Corner, with all pictures on easels this time. Works in progress? All look in finished form to Baker Bloch upon checking behind Karoz today; must be a stylized way of displaying the pieces, then (10 in all).

Karoz sitting beside what might be Chilbo’s largest water course, but I’m not sure of that… hafta check. This would be right next to the Gemini Art Corner, which lies just out of the picture frame to the left here.

Interesting textured rock just upstream from where Karoz sits above, more of a ground level shot this time.

One thing The Baker Family really appreciates about Chilbo, I believe, is the obvious, loving care given to the design of the community, such as the inclusion of this interesting detail involving a discarded piece of food and grateful ants, near the source of the aforementioned stream.

Moving to the south central part of Chilbo, Karoz finds this basically empty 512 parcel surrounded by a white picket fence, with some wooden prims stacked up near its northwest corner against the fence. Relationship with other Chilbo property owners: unknown.

Interesting sculpture of a “Bine Rune” owned by Fleep Tuque on a wall just south of the huge Oracle Tree. According to wikipedia, a bind rune is a ligature (character overlap) of two or more single runes. In studying the matter just a little further, it could be that this object represents a Bluetooth bind rune of very contemporary origin. Not certain of this, though.

Then Karoz finds yet another Chilbo mediation spot on top of the Art Part. Ooohmmm chillll ooohmmm.

Then its over to the Temple of TILE to take a more close up look at the Joplin Ball/Sphere. Exactly how *powerful* is its influence? Does it extend to Chilbo? Nowtown? The Moon sim? All of the above and much more? Much, much more?


Pedalling To Nowtown

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Baker Bloch still on the road to Sternberg and now passing through X-ville, a quirkly little community mentioned several times in this blog already. This would be several sims to the south of the Sternberg complex, in Deitide to be exact. Looks like X-ville takes up the whole sim, as neighboring “twin city” Y-borough does for Crowfoot two sims east. Baker did not pedal to Y-borough this day, for his left turn north onto Route 9 to Sternberg from Route 10 was in X-ville, and he did not desire to waste time by retracing his steps back to this spot.

Nice parkland off Route 9 just below Sternberg, owned by the Institute of Cyberculture Studies and located in the Elvarg sim.

What’s called Sternberg West on official Sternberg maps (I’ll get to one of those just below). This is where Baker Bloch, Little Robert Plant Variant, and Hucka Doobie met for their one and only face-to-face meeting in Second Lyfe, in an underminable location however, perhaps on this street pictured below but perhaps not. Tea, I believe, was drunk by all if I remember correctly, yet no teahouse exists in Sternberg West presently. Maybe it was all a figment of my imagination. 🙂

Sharply winding street in Old Sternberg, which seems to be the same as the Morkeleb sim. Baker is sitting beside a cross on top of a rocky hill bored through by a road tunnel.

The center of New Sternberg (Neu-Sternberg) in the sim of Xenosaur, immediately south of Morkeleb containing Old Sternberg. This seems to be the present commercial center of Sternberg itself as well, shifted, we can theorize, from a past center in the old part of town.

No, Baker’s not gainfully employed by a Sternberg company — he’s just taking a load off his tired feet/legs at a currently vacant office desk.

Map of the Sternberg metropolitan area, showing the relationship of the various city parts. This map has a clear marker for the Blues Fabrik club that Little Robert Plant states he sang at on perhaps a number of occasions, just to the east of Route 9 as it passes through the center of Xenosaur. However, Baker Bloch has no success in finding the famous venue; instead a shop selling motorcycles seems to have taken its place. Perhaps it has merely moved to a different location in Sternberg? I’ll have to check further to verify this.

Then it’s on to Nowtown for Baker Bloch, not far north of Sternberg. I suppose one could stretch the definition of Sternberg to include Nowtown as a type of suburb, but it’s a stretch still, since Nowtown is much more rural and bucolic in nature, with no easily defined commercial hub.

One possible candidate for such is the 2 story art gallery pictured below, called the Brain Wash Art Center. The Brainwash group, in fact, seems to own a lot of what could be defined as Nowtown, including parts of the Somerset, Fyre Maven and Black Drake sims. The gallery is divided into a number of rooms with transparent walls, each showing a selection of works from one particular artist.

Another sharply winding road leading from the Art Center up the mountain towering over Nowtown. A castle is perched on top, owned by the same Brainwash group and containing a bit more art. With its peak at 130 meters, the unnamed massif rises about a 100 meters above Nowtown proper to its north and west.

Baker pauses at the top to ponder the meaning of a strange, triple star conjunction he’s never noticed before. Has it always been there? Anyway, nice to be totally away from all the glare of Jeogeot’s more urban areas, he thinks in continuing to stare at the star sprinkled, black sky.

One of the art pieces within the castle, also present in the Art Centre at the bottom of the mountain, and created and owned by none other than Lypvs Writer, the manager of Brain Wash Club and Resort. It’s a virtual replica of a watercolor and ink work somewhat mysteriously called “LVPVS IN FABVLA p26 ‘There I found you, my love'”. Could that be some kind of unconscious depiction of the similarly red Joplin Ball/Sphere above the road here? (since it is red covering black and white again — see post immediately below). Could this be the love he found there? No, I’m sure he had something else in mind…


Black, White, Red [All Over]?

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Loose thoughts before perhaps bringing in Hucka D.:

The “E” shaped island in the Sea of Despair certainly means something. Gypsy Triplicate (as we’ll call the Collective Gypsy from The Moon who may be the same or an aspect of Karoz’s mother) may have practiced TILE, maybe as a counter to what her father was doing in Maebaleia at Crabwoo. She had the “Big E”, somehow (or “Big Schwa”).

What the heck. “Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Present. She was a TILEist. Titlest. She had the ball, er, cube.


Joplin Ball?



She had a blimp? Zeppelin?

Hucka D.:

It was called The Arab. Or Barracuda. Barracuda, I believe. Yes.

Hucka D.:

These are your gypsy sisters, baker b.


I see (!)

Hucka D.:

So there you have it. The gypsy sisters had a Zeppelin that was actually a Barracuda, which was then condensed as a Joplin Ball/Sphere and sent to Jeogeot. Why?


They had something to hide and they wanted to “Rock It?” [dunno]

Hucka D.:

Think. Think.


They had a ship… Barracuda. But it wasn’t a Zeppelin but it contained the Joplin Ball which could be unfolded as a Redd Zepppelin. The ball was the same as a Titlest… TILEist. Woods.

Hucka D.:

So it wasn’t The Arab here. It was the Barracuda.


Newton 09 and Jasper 09.

Hucka D.:



Should we talk to [The Wilsons] as variants?

Hucka D.:

No. Plant will do for now. And Marty. And a dash of Lemon to liven up the Salad.


But this is what it means. The Wilsons. Maybe Wilsonia? [who has been called just Wilson, after all]

Hucka D.:

You can go ahead and tell Gypsy this. And you can return to The Moon and Gelsomina if you wish. Don’t be afraid. Through Karoz, I mean.


Thank you.