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Irony? November 8, 2009

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“Hucka D., I’m googling the first 6 numbers of the Petemond Code from Mos Ainsley and then the first 7 numbers to see what comes up, moving up to first 8 in a second. The above link is really only significant find with the first 7… this may be the end. ‘Who’s that girl?'”

[Hucka D. does not answer.]

“This one seems interesting, Hucka D.”


“Let’s try a different approach, then. There are 112 total characters in this feed, the 2E2E on a 4th line and then 3 lines before this of 36 characters each, for a total of 108. 108 is an important geomantic number, Hucka D. For example, it is the sum of the Numbers of LOST.


“Actually, Hucka D., this ties in directly with The Residents.”

Hucka D.:

Yes? Can I type in a backwards question mark here?


Oh right. Yes, 2E2E is unicode for a backwards question mark. Thank you Hucka D.

Hucka D.:



Right. I think this too has something to do with MessiaenSphere. Messiaen was into the birds… for the birds. Tui… birds.

Hucka D.:

The Birds. Byrds.


Someone may be eyeballing this blog soon… probably not but…

Hucka D.:

Birds… go ahead.


Birds… Byrds, and Fish… Physh… are obviously related for this eyeball. [Delete word] birds. [Delete word] fish. Love-hate.


Hucka D.:

Byrd wax. Bee wax. There ya go.


OMG, was this a project of your daddy’s as well, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:



Check this out. The rhetorical question mark, Hucka D., also called the Irony Mark.

Hucka D.:

Love birds and Hate byrds.


Byrds and bees as well.

Hucka D.:



Byrds… 8 miles. Distance between Crabwood and Chilbolton. Plus 1/2.

Hucka D.:

Byrd… Phish. (pause) Bowl.


Getting back to Mos Ainsley, you said in this post and also this post that Mos Ainsley was used to escape Jeogeot during a 2001 catastrophy which destroyed then Chilbol.

Hucka D.:

Another night.


Another night it is. Ty.




Mos Ainsley Revisited, 03

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*Then* if that’s not enough, Karoz finds the alien that he looked for before in May upon his first visit, but apparently didn’t look for thoroughly enough. For there it was, just as Baker Bloch photographed it way back in October 08, for a long time his only journey to this now well traveled southernmost of mainland continents. Jeogeot I mean, of course. Karoz is admittedly a little embarrassed for missing this obviously big piece of the puzzle now.


Two terminals again, one with the Petemond code or transmission ending in “2E2E’, and the second, to the right, with the 2 line “Outbound Feed”, once more. In addition, we have two new lines of code on the bigger screen above the two terminals, the top one called “Sequence ID” and the one just below that “Resource Locator.” Additional bits of information on this bigger screen also seem to indicate that the alien is considered humanoid, but of unknown species. Just like Karoz himself, I suppose — he can identify.

*Is* Karoz partly of this same unknown species of alien, supposedly on his mother’s side? He must find out!



And then the last seemingly important find for the night involves this greenhouse of sorts, growing three different types of plants as far as Karoz could tell: tomatoes, some kind of grass…


… and then more toward the back some type of sprouts, it appeared, on three shelves.


Nothing on the middle shelves, though.



Mos Ainsley Revisited, 02

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It took Karoz a bit to re-find the computer room, and to enter he had to rez a cube elsewhere and sit on it while I, his user, physically moved the cube into the room. Doors to it were still locked strangely, but I didn’t try very hard to examine all possible entrances and exits admittedly.

Nice 3rd story view of crater walls entirely encircling the space base.


Close up of one of the 6 terminals in the room. 5 contain this same data line of 112 characters ending with “2E2E” now much discussed elsewhere in this blog. According to the judgment of both Hucka D. and myself, this simply has to be a transmission from Petemond in some way, since he’s also ended two other “transmissions” with phonetic equivalents to “2E2E’, as outlined in this post just above.



The lone terminal of the 6 not containing the “Petemond” data line. This is instead a 2 line stream called “Output Bound”, found on the terminal to the right of the first pictured above, and on the same table facing out toward the crater walls.


The other 2 tables of the room, with 2 similarly placed monitors are against the window-less right and left walls behind the front table.


View of this upper room in relationship to other surrounding, lower structures.


Rrelationship with crater walls…


Mysterious low-res map between the front two terminals of the room. A map of Mos Ainsley itself? Might be.


Here’s a comparison shot.


Karoz lengthens his draw distance to take in the rocks perched on the far wall. Do even the alignment of these rocks in relationship to this room have something to do with Petemond’s message?




Mos Ainsley Revisited, 01

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Well, of course Karoz wanted to revist Mos Ainsley after finding out about the Petemond transmission on computer terminals there, or what certainly *seemed* like Petemond attempting contact.

Some warm up shots of the Space Base before moving to the upper room with the terminals. Also: one more very important terminal was discovered by Karoz this same night… I’ll get to that in part 3 of this series!


A space base shuttle (interior above), that you can apparently get in and drive all the way to the mainland 2 sims north and east, if you want to.




Door can’t be opened — built into wall. Many sealed locks in the base cannot be opened as well. Some can, some can’t.


This one can.





Operating room? A nod to the famous 17 min. alien autopsy film from 1947?