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“Where Are We On That?” Floor 4: Esbum Michigan April 30, 2009

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Esbum Michigan 01

In July 08, Esbum Michigan, then known just as S-Bum, was born as a 2-dimensional avatar atop a hobo mattress in the recently completed Gliese Temple of TILE.

Esbum Michigan 02

Shaking herself into a 3d shape, she sat at what she called First Chair and stared into the central shaft of the temple w/ its spinning Tyle Cube. She then knew where she was and who she was. A freak.

Esbum Michigan 03

Although Esbum was designed as some kind of in-house caretaker for the Gliese temple, like Baker Bloch before her she quickly outgrew this initial, servitude role and began to explore the SL landscape. She attempted to retrace various family member’s exploration routes, and eventually came to the Edwardston sims, originally discovered and roughly mapped by Hucka Doobie.

Esbum Michigan 04

It was love at first sight. If other members of the family were enamored of avatars of the opposite sex that actually turned out to be soul-aspects of themselves, Esbum could be said to have loved these sims in the same way, especially the central sim of the 3. We can now safely say these sims were part of the Delphic Archipelago, with the central one called Alexandria instead of Edwardston (but for a reason).

Esbum felt that Hucka Doobie did not understand the full worth of these sims, and also determined the location of what she called their geomantic center, a point of great power. She planned to move away from the rest of the family and live underneath and/or around the pictured pond here, hereafter famously known as “Esbum’s Pond”. As we shall see, this plan was destined to be short-lived.

Esbum Michigan 05

Esbum Michigan never changed her appearance, despite the fact of always complaining about the lack of respect she got from others because of it. But she seemed to get younger when in her favorite sims, and especially around her namesake pond, as witnessed, I think, in this snapshot.

Esbum Michigan 06

Specifically, Esbum planned to live in what’s now called the “Missing Piece”, a 6 prim, partially sanitized sewer pipe constructed tube she hid underneath her pond, as recorded in this snapshot. Her desire was to hoist it into the sky after figuring out exactly what to do with it. She later came to the perhaps insane determination that it would have functioned as a “portal hopper.”

Esbum Michigan 07

Then tragedy struck: the Alexandria sim and the whole, attached archipelago simply vanished in the middle of the night, perhaps the same night that Esbum hid the Missing Piece in its central pond. Here a considerably older looking Esbum stares at the resulting grid void. It was a loss she never recovered from.

Esbum Michigan 08

The family tried to compensate Esbum by building the Edwardston Station Gallery, named for her favorite sim and containing snapshots of it in a specially designed room. Pictures of another, older Edwardston, from RL in this case, appeared alongside the SL ones, including the 2 pictured here depicting what the family considered yet another Ancient named Max. But this could not truly sooth the gaping hole she felt.

Esbum Michigan 09

In the various iterations of the Temple of TILE down through the months, and in different locations, the family always prepared a room for Esbum similar to her original one in the Gliese temple, including a velvet Elvis she was particularly fond of. She did not like pictures showing a fat Elvis, though, and refused to believe that such an Elvis ever existed.

Unfortunately, Esbum took to drinking and hanging out at the Hobo RR Infohub in Calleta, making such a nuisance of herself that the family decided to deactivate her in Jan 09. A very difficult decision. She never got over the deletion of her sims, her pond, and her hoped-for home away from The Bakers.

“St. Michigan”

A collage in the 10×10 devoted to the memory of Esbum Michigan, changing her final status from grid removed psycho-bum to ascended saint.

Also as a special part of this collection, we’ve recreated the Missing Piece and decorated it in a style that Esbum herself might have chosen, had she had the chance (see above floor).

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