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We Better Chat, 11 April 5, 2009

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Brief discussion of new situations tonight.

Took snapshots of entire *galleries* (plural intended) in Ichalon sim last night and started to create blog posts incorporating them tonight. Logically, I could fit both galleries on a 2048 plot, but it would be snug, as I said before. That’s one reason I decided to rent the 2048 right next to the original 2048 in Ichalon, so that I could develop the forest more and also keep the ground house. Well, almost immediately after that I decided that the Victorian ground house should go, and substituted it for the full version of Arcadia Asylum’s 12 prim Shop in a Box, which I positioned on the newer of the 2 2048s. But something has to go in the meantime. Thinking that the ESG version in Healy should go now… tell K. Yap that I decided to delete that version since it is now duplicated in Ichalon. Don’t see any real reason why I should pay rental on duplicate galleries right now. On the other hand, the material in “Something To CHRO About” is unique to that gallery, so I may keep it, and plant pointers there to the new double decker galleries in Ichalon instead of just the ESG in Healy across the road. It’s a handy location but, as I said, something has to go. The other property outside of Ichalon that I’m contemplating keeping is the Klein 1024 parcel… have to think about that more. I’m pondering whether to keep it for an exploring base for Nautilus City and other places in the area. But, heck, I’ll probably give it up too. So landwise I’m in the same situation I was in Otherland… owning a square 4096 parcel (renting, actually, this time), and then renting 1 or 2 gallery spaces. What’s changed? Well, as I said, logically I could now reduce that 4096 to a 2048 and not loose anything really important as far as collages/photos go that I had in Otherland. I’ve condensed prim-wise, without loosing much. 4096 to 2048 is quite a tightening.

Then I could also fit either of the two 30x30x30 galleries, the Edwardston Station Gallery or the Temple of TILE and attached photo gallery, on a 1024 square parcel, like the current situation in Healy with the ESG. Break the 2048 apart into 2 1024s, in essence. I’ll have more to say about that idea soon.

Better log off!


Ichalon Galleries, 7

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But Baker Bloch is not through yet with exploring floor 3, even. There’s still another walled passage leading to unknown areas found beyond the one just explored.

At the end of the 30 meter long straightaway here is another parkway related photo, this time from Herman Park once again, but in a different part of the park from TILE Mtn./TILE Creek.


Another turn takes him up this longer ramp composed of 4 individual, shorter ramps, yet another module type construction within the temple/galleries.


At the top Baker is confronted with an area whose floor is the same as the roof of the edited slum apt. here, and with quite low ceilings. Baker Bloch thinks that many avatars would not be able to walk through it, even, given that the ceiling prims are not phantom.


A look under the next ramp. Nothing here.


There’s even a small, unused gallery space off the ramp Baker Bloch just ascended. Room for some expansion if needed!


Then a view down into the center of the cube from this particular level.

The low ceiling in this area is one reason I decided to insert this teleporter on near the edge of the roof here, where the ceiling is much higher. That way, if one cannot walk through this area at least they can go back down and find a teleporter to beam beyond this tighter spot.

Just for the record, this teleporter is marked as being on floor 13 of the overall structure.


Baker rounding another corner to find another set of ramps. Onward and upward!



Ichalon Galleries, 6

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In order not to double back to places he’d already visited, Baker Bloch has no choice here but to drop back down to floor 1 through an opening in the wall next to the spiral ramp that runs north to south through the entire temple.


He then ascends the spiral ramp once more to floor 3, passing the temple’s center on his right with the spinning Tyle cube, and rounding another corner to the right to once again enter unexplored territory. The next stage of the tour will involve more of Edna’s parkway related pictures, first encountered in the viewing area in front of the temple center pictured here.


Rounding another corner, Blochs sees that he’s come back around to the edited slum apt. building, and, once again, access is gained by one of those ramps that are seen again and again in the new version temple.


Baker Bloch looks down into the center of the temple again from the provided ramp.


More parkway pictures inside.


There’s the impass that Baker Bloch has already come across several times before. Walking down the stairs here just propels one back onto the spiral ramp for a quick ascent to floor 3 again. So that’s been 3 separate impasses total now connected to this one spot.


In taking a closer look, Baker Bloch contemplates whether this impass represents a kink in time and space, or a masking of such. Such is the nature of his mind, though.



Ichalon Galleries, 5

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Continuing, then, instead to the left, Baker Bloch rounds a corner to enter another small gallery room that exhibits 3 more abstract pieces.


Another ramp allows exit from this room and the apt. complex overall back into the “older” part of the temple, namely the part of floor 2 that use to circle completely around the gallery’s center on the same level.


Twin action of the ramps in this area. They actually share the same, central rail.


One can still get glimpses down to the photos of floor 1 of the temple through windows, but these are not as numerous as in most older versions walking in this particular part.


That’s because I decided to cut down on overlapping transparent textures (and the resulting phantom images) as much as possible by wallpapering most of the outer walls in this part.


And, as I said, you can’t circle fully around the center of the temple now, but are instead greeted about 3/4ths the way around by this impassable wall. Here Baker Bloch just happens to be on the other side of the Cul-de-sac he ran into at the end of that last post (Ichalon Galleries, 4).



Ichalon Galleries, 4

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The provided ramp quickly leads visitors to the 3rd floor of the temple (9th overall), temporarily skipping over the second floor, as have all versions of the temple so far. Currently on this level we find parkway pictures by Edna as a sort of continuation of local landscape pictures (for us) on the temple’s lowest floor (Herman Park). In an effort to reduce lag — I hope — I’ve spaced these pictures considerably apart from each other in the main, and also attempted to separate them more with walls in the newest version.


Then, just as before, you have a view from this 3rd temple floor into the 10×10 central shaft containing the spinning Tyle Cube, now rotating at a considerably slowly speed — another effort to reduce lag.


Let’s peer down into the shaft now along with Baker Bloch. Notice that the 11 rocks or rock colored objects are now gone. This was to save prims. The central tree is now a 1 prim Linden tree purchased from Gardenworld, where go on occasional shopping sprees for cheap, 1 prim vegetation. I thought it appropriate that a Linden tree substitutes for the original lemon tree found in the original version of the temple in Azure Isands’ Gliese sim last summer, since I associate lemons and limes together, usually. I may have more to say about that in a moment.

Notice I also added a ramp from floor 3 leading down to this central, grassy area, a quite necessary, new addition as I’ll explain in a moment.

Notice the new building in the temple, in fact, the crucial new element. In most former versions of the Temple of TILE I’ve created add-ons, starting with the pipes surrounding version 2 of the structure. Many of these additions consist of recombined Arcadia Asylum builds, including the pipes. So it’s not a totally unexpected turn to others, most likely, that another Asylum product figures largely in the newest version. It was to me, but perhaps I just dupe myself into being easily surprised about SL’s swift changes.

What I did for the newest version of the temple is to slide in not one but two similarly edited versions of Arcadia’s quite well known slum apartments within its 30x30x30 meter dimensions, just as I did before with the 2 edited versions of Fatima Ur’s Big Bayou Victorian house, a particular permutation of the temple last manifested in Otherland. But I think the slum apts. work considerably better in this dual role. For one thing, they act as a more direct aesthetic and thematic continuation of what is now the similarly sized “basement” of the temple — in other words, the 30x30x30 Edwardston Station Gallery As I said before, the ESG is composed entirely of edited modules of Arcadia Asylum’s 12 prim, 10×10 Shop in a Box, which you can find, along withe the slum apt., in this vendor advertised on SL’s XStreet.*



I also attempted to make the ceiling of the central shaft more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Shall we go up the provided ramp and inside now? Let’s.


Exhibited in the first encountered room of the bottom apt. complex we have 3 of Edna Million’s more abstract photos.


Baker Bloch finds a dead end walking through the door to the right of the main entrance. More on that in a minute.


* Or you can just visit SL’s Arcadia Asylum library to purchase these and many more of her objects.


Ichalon Galleries, 3

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Ascending the ramp to floor 2, we find the promised map of the gallery mentioned in the intro sign from floor 1.


Fences, transparent on the opposite sides, help guide the visitor through the series in the correct order. This particular fence “blocks off” the 1/2 empty side of floor 2. Of the 6 floors of the ESG, only floors 2 and 5 contain such empty sides, since the series (Rose Hill and Hidalgo respectively) on these floors are made up of 10 collages and not the usual 20.


On floor 4, Baker Bloch stands in front of another provided teleporter, at the beginning/end of the Oblong series.


Since the rest of the ESG looks basically the same as the pictures I’ve already provided, I’ll just skip quickly up to the bottom floor of the new and hopefully improved Temple of TILE and attached gallery. This would be floor 7 of the overall structure, again. In the new tour of the temple, we’ll see many things that might be familiar to loyal blog readers (you know who you are!), but a good amount of what will be new as well. I think it’s worth chronicling in some depth… as I was telling an SL (and RL) friend who likes to visit different versions of my galleries, the space seems considerably larger than all older version of the temple, although the physical volume remains relatively unchanged. I consider it much improved over older versions.


On the bottom floor we find that TILE Mtn. triptych I’ve already mentioned several times in this blog…


On the other side of the temple’s floor 1 from the ESG exit ramp exists the second gallery kiosk in the structure, this one for the Gallery at the Temple of TILE, obviously. As I’ll show in a second, I’ve made that ramp in front of Mr. Bloch here, present in all previous temple versions, a little easier to ascend through some tricks. I’ve also put up a sign with hover text advising ascenders to stay to the right when heading upwards and onwards.

All Edna Million photographs from the lowest floor of the temple are from Herman Park, where the TILE Creek is located. This includes the triptych just pictured.



Ichalon Galleries, 2

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Using the teleporter at the ground structure, we can beam into the bottom floor of the Edwardston Station Gallery. I’ve inserted teleporters on every 3rd floor of the overall structure, or floors 1, 4, 7, 10, and 13. The 2 galleries, stacked on top of each other, can be seen as having 13 floors, then, although the actual layout is a little more complex, at least for the top gallery (Gallery at the Temple of TILE).

We begin with floor 1, which is also the lowest floor of the 6 level Edwardston Station Gallery. Here visitors receive a general introduction to the ESG, as you can read for yourself in the snapshot below.


The central courtyard, the newest addition to the ESG, duplicated also in the stand alone Healy version, as we can call it. It really helped the overall aesthetic of the gallery to open this central area up, as the ceilings are quite low in the rest of it.


A look up from the courtyard to the top of this central shaft, 35 meters above…


… and then a look down from near the top of same.


Typical interior views of the remainder of floor 1 of the ESG, containing the entire Greenup series (oldest of the 6 10×10 series), are found below.




Ichalon Galleries, 1 (Ground)

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So here we go again (!) — another tour of an ubertemple of sorts. ‘Cept this newest one is considerably less than 1/2 the size of the original Ubertemple in the Neith sim of Azure Islands (tour here), and then almost 1/2 the size of the reduced version of this Ubertemple in Otherland (tour here). But with a couple of exceptions, it contains exactly the same art pieces. The exceptions are: 1) the 8 or so Edwardston Sta. related photos, 2) Edna’s Pocahontas, Virginia related photos (existing in the attic space of above mentioned gallery spaces), 3) pre-10×10 collages by me, baker b., and, 4) chromagraphs. This makes about maybe 20 or so pictures absent from the new, combined galleries that were present in the old galleries. Conveniently, most of these omissions can now be found at the recently formed “Something To CHRO About” gallery in Yapland, along the walkway there. So, really, everything that was displayed in the Neith sim and then at the Otherland parcel is still displayed somewhere, and, in the case, of the 100 collages of the 10×10, they’re displayed in not one location but two locations currently, although that may change.

As I said in a recent post, the Ichalon galleries are composed of what were formerly two separate galleries, or the Gallery at the Temple of TILE and then the Edwardston Station Gallery. Or what I’m calling these galleries now. Both galleries are housed in 30 meter x 30 meter x 30 meter cubes, or what are essentially cubes (since the Gallery at the Temple of TILE now sticks out a little above the top of this cube, as we’ll see). It was a logical, nay, a necessary progression to place one on top of the other after the 2 had been refined as far as I can take them right now.

To give a little history of these galleries, and how they came to house the collections within them, would be a long story already. Let’s just stick to the main story here of how these collective galleries represent an edited down and also refined version of the Ubertemple at Neith and also the Otherland galleries. Remarkably, what I needed almost a 4096 plot for in Azure Islands has been reduced to half that amount. In other words, I can fit the combined galleries on the prim allowance of a 2046 plot. Moreover, the galleries can be separated, and each placed on a 1024 plot if needed. Basically, the equation is:

Gallery at the Temple of TILE (1024 parcel) + Edwardston Station Gallery (1024 parcel) =
Ichalon Galleries (2048 parcel).

But currently (4/7/09) I own a square 4096 parcel in Ichalon where the galleries are located. This might soon be reduced — still thinking about that option.

Let’s start with a couple pics of the parcel from the ground level. I did have that nice Victorian house sitting on the west line, but decided to delete it to reduce any lag problems it may be exacerbating. Just in case — knew I wouldn’t spend much time there anyways. For now all I have on the ground are a bunch of trees, most Linden pine trees of various sizes and shapes but also a couple of 1 prim Gardenworld trees mixed in, like I had at the same sized Otherland parcel. And then the full version of Arcadia Asylum’s Shop in a Box (12 prims total), that I used as the module for the new version of the Edwardston Station Gallery we’ll be touring in just a moment.


Another view of the forest and shop from a higher, different angle. Still find it hard to understand why people don’t use these wonderful 1 prim trees and vegetation more often on their property, instead of either using just a handful of higher, sometimes much higher prim trees/plants, or, worse, just leaving their lots bare. The best way is a mixture of 1 prims and multiple prim plants, but I find my Gardenworld 1 prim creations work about as a well as a, say, Lillith Heart 3 prim vegetation, especially for the price and also prims i save. Coincidentally, there’s a large, 1 prim garden center just to my north that I want to shop at quite soon. 🙂


And then a snapshot of the combined galleries. I decided not to homogenize the textures of the two galleries (like I tested out in Nautilus City ), just the colors. This would symbolize that they are two different galleries (textures), united as one (colors). The can exist alone or together, then. This also goes along with the fact that, along with the ability to place both together on a 2048 parcel, each, separately, can be snugly placed on 1 1024 parcel, with a couple of prims left over in each case.



Baker Bloch looks up at the temple from the ground. I decided to place the top of the combined galleries just at the top of the normal elevation an average avatar — like Mr. Bloch here — can fly up to. The ground is about 45 meters above SL sea level here, and floor 1 of the gallery is about 80 meters above this at 125. The top of the galleries is at 185 or so. Maybe it’s too close to the ground, but I’m just trying to fit into the “style” of the mainlands, or lack thereof. But I do like the fact that you can see it from the ground with a 96 meter or above draw distance setting.

I also thought I’d provide a night picture so you can see how the gallery lights up at those times.



Linden Memorial Island

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