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Monkey Shock March 6, 2008

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On a mountaintop just to the west of the island mentioned in the “Finding the Niche Again” post below, I came upon this homage to the human-monkey raising consciousness scene in the fantastic 2001: A Space Odyssey movie, which I consider Kubrick’s best and perhaps the best science fiction movie of all time. It’s a perfect movie in its own way. Knowing that the *second* leap up in consciousness for humankind, when the black, rectangular monolith is used in this way for the second time, takes place in the Jupiter system, imagine my surpise when I spied a short distance away from the monkeys… the planet Jupiter! I should add that I don’t think this relative juxtaposition was created on purpose, most likely.

Baker Blinker later took a snapshot atop the spinning sphere, looking back toward the monkeys and the monolith. Then she added some closeups of same.

I had to email my friend Mike Johnston, webmaster of the Synchronicity Arkive, about this find, attaching the first snapshot below. He’s a huge fan of the audiovisual synchronicity I call 2001-Echoes but what he likes to call Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite on his website.






3 Responses to “Monkey Shock”

  1. HBA Says:

    Wow! Excellent find!!! You really need a BlogHUD, Baker – you can send posts from in-world and they appear on your page of the BlogHUD webpage with TP details for any wishing to follow. The basic system is free, but to send photos too, you’ll need the Pro system which costs 900L$ and is money very well spent!

  2. Thanks! I’ll check it out. I’m not familiar with BlogHUD but I’m not familiar with a lot of new things coming out, or relatively new things. But I like to learn still.

  3. HBA Says:

    BlogHUDing is really easy – all you have to do is wear the HUD, set a password and then, once you get the OK message, start micro-blogging! You just type /9 XXX and the XXX bit appears on the BlogHUD page.

    Here is my page:

    I can send pictures too (using the postcard setting of the SL snapshot tools) as I’ve bought the Pro version at L$900 (about £2 ot $4, I think).

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