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News August 1, 2008

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Like the Temple of the Velvet Underground before it, now the Land of Oz is gone as well. Interesting border of rocks and hills now, though. Bye Oz!

Out with the old, in with the new — a new life on the mainlands. Rented a store/gallery. Love the space. Made friends with the owner ZZ. Commited myself now to probably 4-5 months there. Hope to get listed on the Art Gallery Owners website but unsure of that still; need to pass inspection. 🙂 But one can’t say that I didn’t try, and I’m sure there are other lists I can submit the gallery to. I see it as a *gallery*, though, and not a store. A small one but still a gallery.

So the blog now becomes, at least for a bit, a history of this gallery in a way, and my reintegration into mainland living after the peace and quiet of Azure Islands. The owner said they don’t get a lot of traffic here but to me it’s a pretty happening place, just in comparision mind you. And what place in SL is really hopping except nightclubs and the like? Anyways, I feel very good about owning a gallery and adding just a tiny bit to the cultural millieu of SL.

One of the attractions to renting the space is the proximity to Hoboland and this Aracadia Asylum mecca just to the north in the Calleta sim (pictured below). And there’s also a freebie shop of her creations almost within sight of my front door. It all seems so appropriate somehow.


Edwardston Station Art, Part 2 July 26, 2008

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Edwardston Station Art, Part 1

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Pain Of Loss… July 23, 2008

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The Edwardston sim is apparently no more. S-Bum looks from what use to be the edge of the sim into emptiness.

Poor S-Bum!


Hidalgo Gallery Expanded (!), Part 4 (To Finish Off) July 22, 2008

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An aerial shots now. The new gallery is, in effect, spread out over most of area of the two properties I own.

A rather tangled mass of black and orange.

One more area Baker Bloch finds while wandering the grounds… the remains of yet another subway entrance, this time partially submerged into the ground itself.

And then yet another escalator, but with the working “bits” removed, and also leading to a dead end.

The gallery and grounds from directly overhead. You can see how spread out it is.

I should also add here that the position of the old Hidalgo Gallery was little altered in the transition to new, mega-gallery (mega compared with the old one, that is). It was only raised a couple of meters and perhaps moved back toward the road ,oh, maybe less than a meter this time. I feel actually pretty lucky to pull off all this aligning of different and often disparate parts so that it actually works for the most part.


Hidalgo Gallery Expanded (!), Part 3

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The escalator ride turned out to be a pretty long one. Baker Bloch emerges at the top to find the familiar and much larger, burnt sienna wall tile of the Hidalgo Gallery. But the floor is like that of the tunnels still. And the view out the window looks different as well. Then Blochs remembers that he was able to spy several new windows from his vantage point down below just a minute ago. This must be one of ’em, he rationalizes.

A look back down from whence he came.

Through the small sliding door just behind the subway escalator entrance and turning to the right, Baker Bloch finds this familar vista, complete with windmill and large willow tree. He knows he is looking to the east now, above the neighbor’s property. He is on almost the extreme end of their own property.

Then turning around and seeing the new extent of the gallery. Wow!

Baker Bloch moves into the next chamber, which lies directly above the southern mouth of the subway system. Still not in the old Hidalgo Gallery part yet, though.

A new window looking to the north. “That must be the top part of the gate I passed under before,” Baker cleverly theorizes.

Finally in familar territory: the “old” Hidalgo Gallery! Same as it was before, teleporter and all.


Hidalgo Gallery Expanded (!), Part 2

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Safe and sound at the top. Weird floor in the room doesn’t help Baker Bloch’s trepidation here. But of course this is all silliness because Baker Blinker would never attempt to trap or purposely scare Blochs. Would she?

Out of the room and again into tunnels, much like the tunnels found in the Sewer Wing of the Temple of TILE, Baker Bloch thinks.

Looking to the tunnel which veers off the left at a crossroad of tunnels. At this crossroads there are tunnels branching off in all four directions.

Heading down to the right now. I forgot to insert any pictures of this but all four tunnels lead to the same kind of rooms, with minor variations, and these rooms are exactly the same type of Arcadia Asylum created rooms found within the old part (30x30x30 cube) of the temple. The Gangster’s Hideout would be an example. Baker Bloch, however, finds no objects in any of the 4 rooms yet.

Seeing all tunnels end at the rooms and with no other way to exit from this level, Baker Bloch retraces his steps, descending once again into the subway system. He decides to at least peek his head through the other opening to see where he is. “The gallery!” he exclaims when looking up. “What has Baker Blinker done in the course of one afternoon??”

Blochs then finds the escalator in the other subway entrance adjacent to the first.

Once again looking around the back rooms (formerly: bathrooms) before ascending again. Part of the wall has been removed here that formerly separated the two rooms.

“Cool, the escalator’s sides up there are covered in tile!” Blochs thinks.


Hidalgo Gallery Expanded (!), Part 1

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Very large and very unexpected Hidalgo Gallery modifications, all in the span of a couple of hrs. (!) This time Baker Blinker is the lone constructionist. She sends in Baker Bloch again to use his observation and photography skills in looking the place over. She says to start at the road and look for a hidden opening. Here Blochs teleports in just to the west of the property line. “That does look different,” he thinks, “the gallery is raised off the ground in a different way.”

Looking for the entrance from the road, Baker Bloch revisits the pool area and was at first shocked to find the 2 upper, smaller pools now merged into one larger pool abutting a very large, dark structure that reminded him of much of the Arcadia Asylum material used in the Temple of TILE renovations. And in checking the creator’s name, sure enough, found it was Asylum stuff again. The grafitti on the side of the wall here, obviously, is one giveaway. But after thinking about it later on, Blochs approves of the modifications. He was, however, glad to find the lowest and deepest of these small pools to the north of the old Victorian house little altered.

Two tiny little islands here as well. Baker Blinker later tells Baker Bloch that the formerly largest pool on the property under the old Victorian house (also deleted now, of course) has been wiped out. And that these two tiny little islets are the only “islands” on the property now.

Looking up the rather massive black structure that Blochs doesn’t understand the nature of yet.

Baker Bloch finds the “hole” just above and in front of the new pool described above. It’s an entrance to some kind of subway system! This must be the Asylum subway station Baker Blinker mentioned she couldn’t use in the temple. Blinks later tells Baker that she had to dig the maximum number of meters down (only 4 allowed on Azure Islands) to correctly place the subway, and even then only the middle part remains aboveground. But Baker Bloch thinks it still works this way — not the train system itself, because no train was to be found here (Blochs later learns that the subway came with a train but Blinks deleted it to keep the prim count lower), but just the aesthetics of the place.

And then to the station entrance itself. Baker Bloch didn’t realize it yet, but Blinks actually collaged *two* separate subway entrances together as one here, with the most obvious difference being that one contained an escalator while the other didn’t. Baker Bloch’s first stop is the entrance where there is no escalator. Instead a maintenance ladder, such as the one in the sewer system of the Temple of TILE, beckons him upwards and onwards, once more.

But first a look around the back rooms. These are two bathrooms that Blinker has pulled the fixtures out of, again primarly to reduce prim count. Baker Blinker later reveals to Baker Bloch that she had to delete 8 comodes in total in these renovations, along with a number of stalls, sinks, and even baby changing stations. “Forgive me Arcadia!” she then adds.

Is Baker Bloch shaking once more? Get on up there you poor little scardy cat!


Artsy Renderings Of High Res Pond Picture From Below July 18, 2008

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Esbum’s Pond

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Thought I’d throw in a more high definition photo this time of what Hucka D. is calling Esbum’s Pond now. The two parts of the pond appear to be of about equal area. Hucka D. thinks this is meaningful. More soon on that.

Then back to my regular resolution shots. Some interesting photos of the pond and S-Bum with camera constraints disabled. Through the photo below you can get a good idea of the two parts of the pond and the size and depth of each. S-Bum sits on a platform that lies below the surface of one side of the pond, complete with a fire and also 2 rocks to sit on and admire it from.

Up through the lily pads.

Is S-Bum getting younger?? Maybe it’s just the effects of the pond.

On the other side of the pond now looking up as S-Bum looks down at us.

But then to the task at hand. The Missing Piece is magically broken in two…

….and reduced to a singular point accompanied by a dance of ghostly lights.