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Wilsonia’s Sansara Roamings, 2 April 20, 2009

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I apologize ahead of time for the lack of many higher resolution snapshots beyond the smaller versions inserted directly into the posts, but Wilsonia’s SL camera was slighltly malfunctioning at the time. Here she is in the Uli sim now, another important checkpoint in the story of The Bakers and their extended family (which includes, of course, Wilsonia herself now). For it is here in Uli that Baker Bloch ascended from SL to RL at its central, volcanic island. More about that here as a refresher of sorts.


Wilsonia also finds this interesting addition to the central pool of the volcanic island, still with its guardian dragon intact. It appears to be a door or portal of some sort that she is unable to open by touching. However, using the diable camera option she finds that no portal is guarded, as the pool ends just below the supposed door. A false portal, then.


This night, Wilsonia also visits the Tethys waterfall region but is less impressed than Baker Bloch was upon exploring it originally, as recorded in this series of posts. She plans to revisit soon to see if her opinion is the same.



Wilsonia also visits the Ross Falls on the border of Ross and Clarksdale, situated a couple of sims downstream from the Enceladus Falls quite near the Tethys Waterfall, and on a different branching of the same stream that splits in two just before each falls. A situation that most likely could only happen in SL.

To remind once more, the Ross Falls is where Baker Bloch was able to miraculously peer out of the computer screen and into RL, if only for a brief moment. At that time he was able — or “allowed”, in his own terms — to view what he theorized could very well be his RL father. More on that soon, perhaps.


Wilsonia at the mouth of this same creek a bit west of the Ross Falls, with its interesting, mulit-hued bottomland that Baker Bloch also took note of. A long strip of green grassland separates the sand and granite sea floors at this particular position. Many hillocks in the area as well.


On the same split stream, but further upstream now, just above the beginning of the Snow Region to the south where this stream can be said to have its source. The 20 meter waterfall pictured below lies on the border of Arlberg and Garmisch.



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