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Greenhead (birthplace of Bees?) May 7, 2010

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So Hucka D. strongly recommended I go back to this post and complete the accompanying text to these photos, now almost 2 weeks old. Hucka D. is calling this place in the woods Greenhead, and claims to have grown up in this small vale. Let’s play along with him again.

Yes, that’s Hucka D. as he now appears in RL., beside what he’s calling the old homestead. Hucka D.’s story: his father use to be the mayor or king or something of this small village, and thus was allowed to occupy a mayorial residence on the side of the hill overlooking the main portion of Greenhead. Hucka D. sits beside the now blocked hole that use to be the front door. “Why is it blocked?” I asked Hucka D. He responded that the people who came after the bees, the Whiteheads from Humansville led by Uncle Joe, blocked off the hole so that no more bees could enter this world. “So Greenhead was made up entirely of bees?” I then asked. “Yes, originally,” came the response. “And they all came from this hole. That’s why it was — or still is — sacred to us bees. All bees come from this hole in the ground on the side of a hill overlooking the heart of Greenhead.” He said it with considerable sadness; I understood that the mayor or king was allowed residence there originally to personally greet the bees, or as many as possible, who had chosen to come to Earth through this Frank Park portal to aid humans in their quest for universal understanding, culminating in contact with an alien lifeform coming from a place called Axiom Square. Again all this according to Hucka D. I asked Hucka D. if his father’s name was Kelley — Kelley the Bee Man — as he had claimed earlier in this blog. He respondeded affirmatively, and that he and his father passed through a ritual, as all mayors had done before, to become half human and half bee, to lose quintessential beeness and benefits thereof, but to do this to, once again, help humans become what they truly should be through alien contact with the Axiom Squarites. Since Hucka D. obviously had a number of human aspects to his appearance, I asked if he had become mayor of Greenhead as well. “I was the last mayor. I replaced my father.” Sadness again; I got the impression that something had happened to the father. Perhaps he died? Hucka D. then began crying. He wouldn’t stop. We had to postpone the interview about these photographs until the next day.

A longer shot of what Hucka D. is claiming is his father’s old residence, at the base of a poplar tree it appears.

Then a close up. Hucka D. is certainly putting on a brave face here through the sadness! But it’s all appearance, believe me. I was there.

Hucka D. claimed this rock was (somehow) the central shopping mall of Greenhead, and where most Greenheadians bought their clothes, food, and such. It acted as a downtown of sorts.

Hucka D. sits on a log that he said served as a well traveled bridge between the two sides of Greenhead on either side of the downtown region. Again, I’m just relaying what Hucka D. told me about this place.

The “bad” side of town, according to Hucka D., and where he met a friend who taught him “wrong things”. I got the impression that this influence might have been part of the reason the humans from Whitehead found out about the bees in the first place. Hucka D. wouldn’t comment about this when I asked him. In fact, he started blubbering again. We had to postpone the interview till yet another day.

The very lower limit of Greenhead, where the vale meets a wall of rhododendron.


3 Responses to “Greenhead (birthplace of Bees?)”

  1. You have done it once again! Incredible article!

  2. […] (Gnirps; originally: Spring Forward). Backwards. Another red-green mixup, like with the naming of Greenhead above Whitehead Crossing, even though it not at the actual head of Green (Creek) but on a side fork […]

  3. […] D., it is rumored now that Laurie Metcalf of Roseanne fame visited Greenhead, birthplace of bees, to try to help undo the damage her Great Aunt inflicted on that community. Uncle Joe and Aunt Zoe […]

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