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Gnirps March 19, 2011

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First snake sighted of the year, a small, garter variety. Quite cute for a serpent!

Nice meadow somewhat near Box Brook talked about a lot recently on this blog, on another part of the same mountain slopes. Kids were playing in the field.

Chimney in nearby woods. Don’t know the story about the house which obviously use to be there. Have to check on that.

To the head of Box Brook now, two valleys over on the same side of the mountain. Actually the valley top crossed before this one contains the other fork of this same brook. So actually either one might be Box Brook proper at this early, pre-combined stage. I’ll have to provide a map of the whole stream system asap.

To complicate matters even further, I’m contemplating a switch of names from Box Brook to Fox Brook. And going along with this, I’m pretty sure I’m going to call the area described in this former post on the subject Foxboro instead of Boxboro or Box. Get to more of that in a moment.

The opening through the rocks at the head of this fork of Fox Brook pictured above goes all the way through. Seems like yet another special place in the area, like Foxboro (formerly Box).

I only provide one picture of the namesake, special space of this blog post, Gnirps, although I hope to be going back very soon for more.* Actually, Gnirps seems to been the true, special or sacred space for this system, and not Foxboro. In other words, it is the potential site for a toy happening or toy event. Foxboro, in contrast, seems de-energized upon rechecking it today, probably because of the closer proximity to the Wye road that splits the system in an east-west direction. Gnirps remains more protected and isolated in this manner.

Gnirps was also originally, briefly, called Spring Forward, not because I discovered the space on the day we have to set our clocks forward for daylight savings time in this part of the country, but because, a week on, I finally seem to be shaking off the physical/mental effects of this time change (!) And the other part of this is that in the top (northern) part of this space, the springs feeding this Fox Brook fork are found. Again, apologies for not taking more pictures this day — maybe tomorrow, even.


* Gnirps is pronounced “nirps”, rhyming with “chirps”. Similar to “gnome” being pronouced like “nome,” then.


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