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Box, yet again March 13, 2011

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This is a brook flowing through the central line dividing Frank and Herman Parks. I’ve determined that it holds at least one very special and sacred space, although partially de-energized by the presence of the east-to-west Wey now dividing the brook and surrounding region north-to-south. Box Brook lies just north of this Wey (not to be confused with Pietmond ways).

A box found on the brook alerted me to the presence of entered, sacred space. I believe this area may be called Box itself, and marked on the opposite (eastern) side by another shiny object of yet undetermined, amorphous substance. Analysis pending.

Closeups of the portent box, now layed on nearby ground.

Flute Bridge, with the actual, namesake Flute Limb or Flaut Limb dangling just below.

If this is indeed Flaut Limb, then it calls into question why The Wey isn’t, in parallel, known as The Wye instead, perhaps also connected to this Wye.

Box now on rock. In fact, let’s call this place Rox, perhaps the center of Box. Or perhaps the whole place is called Rox, perhaps Roxio, a burner of CDs (??) When you restart your computer with a DVD in the player, it automatically loads. What’s the DVD? Is it perhaps Tronesis itself?

The Box was found in the upper portion of the below picture. In the center is a low, rocky peninsula in Box Brook, seemingly another candidate for the center of Box or Rox or Roxio.

Then just a bit upstream, passing along the way that amorphous, shiny object that I knew, when photographing it (photo not included here) represented the eastern limit of the Box sacred space area, we come to an almost-island, otherwise known as an isthmus. Actually, very similar to the West End isthmuses of Jeogeot stumbled across this winter, like this one in Nightfield and this other one in Kusanagi. I’m almost positive all three of these are related now in their narrow necked ways.

And then actual, narrow neck of this particular isthmus, which I’ve decided to name The Bottleneck, with the resulting isthmus Bottleneck Isthmus, appropriately. One shovel-full of removed dirt could turn this into an island, though. Untethered to mainland as such, would it, Bottleneck Island now, begin to menacingly float down Box Brook toward Box/Rox/Roxio? That was at least the group fear of superstitious people who once dwelt in this land, and who wore the face of foxes, perhaps. Rox Foxes, yeah. Or nah.

Entry way from The Wey (Wye?) to Bottleneck Isthmus or Bottleneck I. as we’ll shorten it (this will cover our bases if, indeed, it becomes an island in past/present/future tense).

Then above Bottleneck I. we have Bottle Falls. I forgot to mention there was a plastic bottle beside Bottleneck I. when I visited it this afternoon, thus the prompt for the name. Similarly we have a bottle (different one; glass this time) next to Bottle Falls, seen on the extreme left of the below photo.

The 2 forks of Box Brook just above Bottle Falls. Perhaps Box Brook is still the name of one of these two forks, with the other acquiring a different name in the selection process. Was this another source of debate among the fox faced primitives native to the area?

We’ll return to this Box soon enough!


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