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Nautilus Island April 29, 2012

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Only US Nautilus Island.

Parallel with Nautilus Island, Second Life?

Nautilus Island is most expensive island in world to rent per acre.



5 Responses to “Nautilus Island”

  1. […] it is clarified that Nautilus Island is the ultimate paradise within this Second […]

  2. Larre Leborski Says:

    Indeed.. the continent of Nautilus is usually really expensive not only to rent but to buy as well. During the grid crash on Thursday, May 29th, the region of Nautilus – Suniaton was offline for a good 10 hours. A friend of mine in the Builders Brewery was a tenant there having a work platform way up in the sky.

  3. Larre Leborski Says:

    woops.. make that April 29th..

  4. Thanks for the reply Larry. Of course the odd thing is that *both* Nautilus Islands — Real Life and Second Life — are extremely expensive to rent/buy. Indeed, the most expensive in their respective “worlds”.

  5. […] causeway of sorts, it seems, between this Whites Head, then, and Nautilus Island, which has come to symbolize Second Life’s Nautilus Island and probably Second Life […]

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