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Billfork Marble Race March 30, 2012

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3/29/12, Billfork, Herman Park


Little Red, Big Red (Reds team)
White, Blue (Others team)

Details of track.

The Woe Hole (lower center), where perhaps at least 1 marble was lost just today.

Whole thing from start to finish.

Let’s begin!

Part 1: Big Red and Little Red

Part 2: Little Red and Big Red

Part 3: White and Blue

Part 4: Blue and White

Part 5: White vs. Little Red

Part 6: Little Red vs. White

Part 7: Big Red vs. Blue

Part 8: Big Red vs. Blue, II

Part 9: Blue vs. Big Red

Part 10: Blue vs. Little Red

Part 11: Little Red vs. Blue

Part 12: Big Red vs. Little Red (encore)

Ultimate meaning? Probably big to little.


More Marbling March 29, 2012

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Marbles in my parents’ house were sentient and found Key Rock lodged between walls of Den and Living Room. It was source of E.E.C. (Erietown Exteriorization Center). Inside was much larger than outside, perhaps 12-13 times as wide. This is same relationship as Rubisea partly in Blue Drake sim has with nearby Blue Feather Sea on Maebaleia continent of Second Life. This relates it to Dr. Who’s famed tardis (not to be confused with a sardis, which is slightly different), also a Blue Box. That the house key was blue is another key. Because Key Rock was much larger inside the marbles also called it Castle Rock. This is like Key Rock pp near Pineville (formerly Rockcastle or Castle Rock) in West Virginia, with a Castle Rock formation still present. Reinforcing this is presence of Kee Field airport in Pineville.

Time to revisit Pubdolls.

Also strange that Maebaleia has been so assoc. with the blue color which even involves a Blue Box.



1st Billfork Map

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Prominent locations of Billfork:

Pluto (P + L): yellow space center top represents basic town limits. Now site of Billfork Marble Race held 3/29/12 with Big Red and Little Red (Reds) declared team winners over Blue and White (The Others). So named because it is “far out there” in comparison to Hermania and its Mars and Jupiter Beaches. So some say.

Hidi/Lodi: Perhaps already obsolete names demarking high and low places on projected Billrail, now probably replaced by the Billfork Marble Race essentially within the old Pluto community limits.

Grassy Isle: perhaps legendary birthplace of Grassy Noll and/or the Mmmmmmm’s as a whole. Emerald green islet in Fork Creek just above Pluto on the map.

Billy Spring: most central stream of Billfork, and origin of the “Bill” part of its name. Traditional source of stream marked by The Billy Hole, but actual source is considerably above this, perhaps as far as the Smooth Rock area and beyond. But traditionalist geographers usually consider Billy Spring just the flow within Billfork itself and not beyond. Billy Spring runs directly underneath Billrock (see below) and intersects Fork Creek not far below it.

Billrock or Bill Rock: Largest rock within Billfork by far, and one of larger in the TILE Creek area. Considered super sacred along with the spring running beneath it — a Billfork center for certain. Said to be related to marbles and diamonds.

Fork Creek: Main fork of TILE Creek, and some say more sacred than TILE Creek itself (heretical), along with Billy Spring (double heretical). Length from upper cascades to lower cascades may be within the Greater Billfork region.

Lean Rock: smaller rock leaning against the back of Billrock; probably has its own attached myths and legends.

Middle Cascades: I believe this is 3 separate cascades now, starting at the Drink Lake path and ending slightly downstream from the Bill Spring-Fork Creek conjunction.

Drink Lake Path: on the map above, runs left to right, passing through Billfork starting at Fork Creek (beginning of Middle Cascades) and ending at Billy Hole and Ancient Road just above.

Billy Hole: Entrance to Hell for some.


Marbled March 28, 2012


Amazing day, Hucka D. Marbles races and all.

Hucka D.:

As you have guessed, the woods enjoyed it. They were laughing. You have made peace with them. The marbles and equality period have been restored. This is redemption.


Thanks for that, Hucka D. Now that I have quote unquote cleared Hermania I can focus on Billfork.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Billrock.


I like the comparison of these two pictures and the red, green, blue marbles.

Hucka D.:

They are the same picture.


Well, there *are* the marbles for certain — red, green, blue — and then the train track on the golden helix inside the 3 birds to the right, also red, green blue. The birds I mean.

Hucka D.:

It is exactly the same. The fish at the bottom of the spiral represents the missing color, or the color that all combine to make: white[ or clear]. Diamond. You start at [the bird’s head] and end at fish. Air to water.


The helix with the train track spiraling down it being the same as the Hermania Marble Race (HMR) created just today.

Hucka D.:

Obviously. You are still following the flow of the Greenup series in your recent explorations, baker b.


Perhaps, then, it’s important that the three marbles in the collage are at the same level horizontally as the fish.*

Hucka D.:

The progress from [Byrd] to Fish represents the marble race itself and its top and bottom. Period.


Art in the woods. (pause) Now with my practice run at Hermania [over] I move to Billfork. The train track has been moved to Billfork even today. It’s at Billrock.

Hucka D.:

They are one now[ true].



Oh, and the red glint in that one photograph, just below the prominent mountain laurel trunk in the compound.

Hucka D.:

Mars itself (!) As you have also already guessed.


So instead of seeing the red planet in the sky I saw it on the log here. Bizarre if true.

Hucka D.:

It’s true. It’s just below where you inserted the “Martian” marble about a week back now.**


Things are moving very fast.

Hucka D.:

Yeah. Next up is Billfork.


I’ve thought about the marble race in Billfork today as well, when taking the train tracks there. In this former post I’ve theorized that Pluto, quote unquote again…

Hucka D.:

Quote unquote.


… is not in the middle of the race but the start of the race.

Hucka D.:

True. It is Hidi[ instead]. Phase 2.


And then Lodi is actually the clear spot in front of the Billfork Rock or Billrock as we’re calling it I suppose.

Hucka D.:

Billrock is the diamond at the bottom of the track.


But then the track could even extend beyond Billrock or *through* it all the way to Fork Creek just beyond.

Hucka D.:

A little beyond. A long distance for a marble[ though]. (smiles)



Billy Spring seems to be the same as the marble race.

Hucka D.:

That’s next!




* The picture of the 3 marbles at Hermania comes at the base of the track, where they were dumped at the finish line or very nearby.

** I forgot to mention as well that the Mars “glint” comes from the direction of Mars Beach downstream from Hermania, where other strange photos have recently been taken.


Hermania Marble Race

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Tons of fun setting this up. I call it the Hermania Marble Race, likely the stuff of legend in the long run even if it is surpassed in scope by other toy happenings this year, a probable threshold coming up soon.

More on the red/green/blue marbles pictured below in association with Collage #11 of the Greenup series in the “Marbled” post just above.

The race track for the event was made up of 22 separate pieces, 12 curved and 10 straight, forming this asymmetrical layout roughly running from Whole Tree down to the sandy area forming Hermania’s beach region, as it were. Whole Tree is center background.

Whole Tree to the right now. The rocks used to prop up the track and ensure a downhill slope for participating marbles came from this Hermania rock temple built only about a week before. Destiny; in-the-books.

The biggest turn in the track comes here, around a dead rhododendron. After this it’s a long, straight downhill shoot to the sandies. Notice that two parts of the track don’t quite meet here — I ran out of pieces that fit together. However, overall the marbles seem to have had little problem jumping this gap as long as a certain alignment stayed true.

Racing marbles, two different red ones, heading downhill.

This one didn’t quite make the finish line. Well, a lot of ’em didn’t. 🙂

A very interesting side story to the race was the strange resonance between the twisting trunk of Hermania’s dominant mountain laurel and the similar twists of the train track just below, issuing from Whole Tree.

But from this particular angle we instead see the twisting track as almost a straight line.

And this particular picture should also be entered into the still growing and evolving Hermania weird-o photo gallery, it seems, because we have a mysterious red glint in the background just above the track and below the aforementioned mountain laurel trunk. I’ve enlarged this glint in the second picture below; hopefully you can see it. Hucka D. has subsequently identified this glint with the planet Mars, seen as a reddish star from our Earth. Yes, he’s insinuating that this “star” appears superimposed on a Hermania tree log instead of in the sky where it is suppose to be (!) Is it more Hucka D bibble-babble or, oppositely, one of his spot-on truths? The glint can certainly can be described as “mysterious” whatever, and nothing like it is seen in any of the other multitudinous photos I took this same day.

Great shot of the similar twisty-turny train track and mountain laurel.


Billfork Again, 01

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Most specific site where Billy Spring occasionally spills into Fork Creek during heavier rains. I’ve not witnessed the water conjunction yet, only this different colored soil that identifies where it happens at times.

Nearby, interesting rock, as yet unnamed.

This one, only a couple of meters away and downstream, I’ve decided to call Astrology Rock for the moment, since the central patterns vaguely resemble astrological symbols to me at least. As w/ the great majority of pictures on this blog, you can click on it to produce an enlarged version.

Another interesting rock formation in the immediate area, this time forming a type of bank at the bottom of one of the several, small cascades on Fork Creek as it passes through Billfork. I’ll have to get a name for each of these cascades asap.

Same cascade. The Billy Spring-Fork Creek “conjunction” pictured at the top of this post forms just behind it.

Astrology Rock (center) through the rhododendron.

Then we move up Billy Spring itself to reach “Pluto”, the perceived center of Billfork at this point in time, along with Billrock. I’ve actually created a rough Billfork map that I’ll hopefully blog about tonight, giving a better perspective of how all these things/places relate space-wise.

Not really much to look at in the below photo, I know, but this space, this “Pluto”, is projected to be the site of some sort of toy happening in the near future, just as I actualized in Hermania yesterday with the Hermania Marble Race. Fantastical fun! And the Pluto happening will probably be larger and more funner, and perhaps more long term as well (I took down the Hermania Marble Race track only an hour or so after erecting it — though it can be set up fairly quickly again in the same location if desired).

Interesting tent effect formed by the dangling limbs of what is probably the largest Pluto hemlock.

Two more hemlocks exist beside it, but both are dead in contrast and have at least part of their tops broke off now. They form what I’m thinking will be the main entrance into Pluto, acting as twinned pillars, in effect, on each side of this gateway. Like these, perhaps.*

Looking through this percieved gateway from the opposite direction, over top of an unnamed piece of quartz stone.

The slightly larger of the two pillars (as we’re calling them) with the crest of emerald green Grassy Isle viewable in the background.

Interesting isolated tree (Carolina hemlock I believe, as opposed to the Eastern hemlocks described above) in Billy Spring next to Pluto.

Dead tree above Billrock seeming to welcome visitors with open arms.

Top of Billy Spring, with the spring itself still mostly underground here.

And I close this particular post with another shot of the “hatch” found on a ridge above Billfork, first featured in this 3/19/12 blog post. I just stuck a camera through the small opening on one edge of the hatch itself to create these photos. There’s *no way* I’m going down in there even if I could, with the looks of that spider web to the right. No way; not worth it.


* See also the High Priestess of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck.


Probably time… March 27, 2012

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… to re-examine Donnie Darko.




Hucka D.:

Billfork is where you matured as an explorer-artist. Billfork is where Real Reality uses Second Reality as a tool rather than bending to its will (see: Pietmond). Second Reality becomes more a theatre set for the First. You can have questions.


Hucka D., it’s apparent or a strong theory that Billfork pulled a Whole Greenup. Analyzing the Greenup series provides the history of Billfork… the relationship with the Synchronicity Phenomena Board. Everything at that time and moment.

Hucka D.:

3 marbles in a teacup to make 1 marble. White. Billfork. Diamond. Billfork.


How to tap into the energy of the Billrock.

Hucka D.:

Purification. Association. Unification.




New Virtual Digs

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I’m back on Yd Island renting a square 4096 in Ratzenberger. This time is different, because I don’t plan to build a town (plus the fact that I’m renting instead of owning). No, this time ’round Second Life/virtual reality will simply be an aid to Real Reality, namely the development of TILE Creek this spring. I’ll evaluate the worth of this support week to week and month to month, since it takes money away from other creative purchases like toys and albums. Albums and toys I mean.

Great view toward the Ratzenberger Rabbit Head, though! I’ll likely have good fun re-exploring the Villenueve Forest I’m situated right next to again.


Grassy Isle March 25, 2012

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Birthplace of Grassy?



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“It might be wet early on tomorrow but the past several Sundays have been my big picture taking opportunities, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Hi. You wish to talk about Pluto?


Yes. Was it the end of Second Life? (pause)

Hucka D.:

You will start tomorrow[ with Pluto]. You will see the progression. Grassy is born.


The Bill created Pluto.

Hucka D.:

Any more writing will just confuse the reader or readers without picture backdrops.


I’ll continue without Hucka D. for a while. Pluto is the original community of Billfork, a small settlement which later became the Old Towne of the larger Billfork (Pitchfork?). Pluto is the birthplace of Grassy Noll, perhaps the 1st Mmmmmmm. Thus it is the b-place of that civilization itself. I’m on to something here. The beginning of the history of the Applachian Trail starts at Grassy aka Oglethorpe. Oglethorpe is a Plutonian. The shift of the name Grassy to Oglethorpe in 1930 corresponds to the discovery of Pluto. Somehow The Bill knew of Oglethorpe, the Ancient — as through a telescope. If Oglethorpe then also Emory. 2 bushes chanced upon, hi and lo. The Billrail is like the Appalachian Trail. It is the same as the Bill Spring. Billy Spring. It starts up high and ends up low. Hilo; Hidi and Lodi.