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Whitehead Crossing Map May 1, 2012

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Points of interest:

Whitehead Crossing (yellow) – perceived center of the designated area, but perhaps only an original center, which then spread out.

Rock’s Meadow — meadow Rock settled in after first visiting and/or living in Whitehead Crossing (original) after his crash landing near Green Stream (site not shown on map)

The Arena (aka The Lyceum) — Rock supposedly fought insects here; alternate history places it as a great seat of learning called The Lyceum, where Rock *taught* insects, flowers, trees.

Rock’s Grave — Grave on edge of Rock’s Meadow where Rock is buried. Original name may have been Herman, changed to rocks because of rocks on his grave, and it was a cooler sounding name to have through posterity.

(Rock’s) Pot — Rock lived near this pot, or perhaps inside it? Teepot? He was also a known toker of drugs as well as a drinker. Legend says he only took drugs to kick his drinking habit.

The Rocky Trail — Trail named for Rock or alternately, Grey Rock that it passes through on its way from Main Path to Green Stream. Rock supposedly walked this trail, perhaps of golden bricks at the time, when he crash landed, reaching Whitehead Crossing. Obvious Oz resonance going on here if so — crashed ship = Dorothy’s house, Rocky Trail = Yellow Brick Road, Whitehead Crossing = Emerald City. And there’s even perhaps a parallel with the false Wizard in original creator Sinclair, who was unmasked by Rock before his move to Rock’s Meadow. Rock becomes a (Sharon-type) Stone in the process (Meadville, Greenburg, Sharron/Shannon as Emerald Univ. basketball player archetypes).

Crash site — not Rock’s crash site but another, perhaps Sinclair himself. There is a blue balloon in the area as well, continuing the Oz resonance. Sinclair was perhaps named Whitehead because of his tangled mass of white hair.

Direction Rock —

(Rock’s) 50 Bottles — Bottles fished out of crik (Whitehead Stream) by Hucka Doobie last summer, evidence of Rock’s strong drinking habit (later replaced by strong drug habit?). Subsequently used for building of Whitehead Crossing skyline.

Grey Rock — super sacred rock on top of another rock said to be oldest object in area. Said to contain all knowledge of Jeogeot, thus a Jeogerock. Called Joe at times (spirit). Joe talked to Rock, Rock-to-Rock. Joe taught Rock about a Second Life beyond our First Life, and a continent paradise awaiting us all there. Grey is a mixture of black (Aotearoa) and white (Yeot), combined to make grey (Noru or Norum or Norumbega).

[later it is clarified that Nautilus Island is the ultimate paradise within this Second Life.].

Knobby Log — an original bridge across Whitehead Stream in the area. Said to be coded with sacred knowledge as well.

5 Bottles — 5 bottles escaped from the 50 bottles to make an independent settlement, a family of 5 as it were and differentiated from the 50 that remain Borg-like. The resulting community was called 4 Sticks, and perhaps founded by Peter Soso, perhaps then known as Peter Zoso or Peter the Bozo. It is said Peter knows of the magic behind the overgrown mailbox Rock landed with at Green Stream. Peter is seen as a giant rabbit, and is assoc. with Sinclair — may be one and the same. Peter is from Grey Rock, and is said to have come from Second Life within (Norum). He might be a candidate chosen.

Mall Meadows — place of the Whitehead Crossing Mall, and where Bees and Mossmen often come to hang together. Mossmen live north of Whitehead Crossing (Red Head) and Bees west (Greenhead). The Mall is famous for its 5 shot iced lattes.

Soul Falls — cascades on northern edge of Whitehead Crossing area said to be placed of Judgment Day where soul is weighed (doubtful).


Hucka D.:

The magic of Gene Fade’s Operation 19 came into full effect when Rock crash landed his souped up mailbox (akin to a Goodmobile but gooder) near Green Stream. Sinclair, an Original Creator, had been countered by another carer of Toys with his own Toy Room containing Operation 19 itself. At the base of Operation 19, a microcosm, is Dorothy’s crashed house, you see. Rocky’s Trail, often “The Rocky Trail”, was the Yellow Brick Road carrying Rock to Whitehead Crossing — Emerald City — where he meets Sinclair, an original creator again. He unmasks him because he knows who he is — remembers. Sinclair has harnessed the magic of Grey Rock and Norum(bega) for his twisty turny purposes. The Tale wags the Dog and the Dog the Man. Afterwards Rock moves to his Meadow and begins the Great Coverup. He becomes like the masked Sinclair in this fashion. He is able to move freely back and forth between this meadow and Rock’s House in the Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area. This is through the *mailbox* and the power of Bozo and the energy of Pietmond. Yes Pietmond. Peter’s Mound. Rock may have even become Peter at this point, this mound.


Rock becomes a fully human toy avatar here? A miniature person in effect?


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