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What’s up w/ da letters? May 28, 2010

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This would be in Yeodeol, a part of the YEO/Jeogeot mystery pool of information.

But caddycorner to Yeodeol, to the northwest, is Yuja.

More letters, all pink this time, but more importantly, marking the center of the “Pink Floyd Echoes” property explored just the other night, and determined by me, w/ aid from Hucka D., to be part of or perhaps the core of ancient Meddletown, maybe the oldest remnant of this hypothetical, forgotten city of pre-Linden Jeogeot.

Oh, and the “F” letter, of the 26 in Yeodeol, is the only one that’s *pink*, hehe.

And as Baker Bloch is finding out even as I write this post, Art in the Park, in Hobak west of Yuja and north of Yeodeol, is about the same distance between the two groups of letters. On the below map, it is easily spotted by the maze of gray sidewalks in the lower part of the sim.

Baker looking up at the FLOYD letters in Yuji. That’s as high up as he can fly.

If followed to the ground, the center of the “O” of this FLOYD would be approximately where Baker is standing below, beside some steps leading to stepping stones textured with various Pink Floyd related pictures.

Baker at Art in the Park, owned by Has Lassard.

Interesting collage work from a featured artist here named Frank Conde. Web site here:


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