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Wilsonia’s Sansara Roamings, 3 April 24, 2009

Below is one of the ubercool pictures from the current Kelly Yap Gallery exhibit, running through June 15. Come see!


Wilsonia found another temple while wandering north from the Snow Region, this one in Kelham. A part of something called Zero Point. Fascinating! So much so that Wilsonia didn’t really understand much of what was going on there. I’ll have to dig up a web site if there is one. Ahah! So there’s all you need to know. 🙂




Back with her feet on solid virtual ground, Wilsonia also recorded this pool just north of the Enceladus Falls, also in the Enceladus sim. Actually, on second checking, I’m going to assume that this pool is artificial in nature, since it is so shallow and not owned by the Guv (Governor Linden). But it’s quite pretty anyway.


Wilsonia’s most dramatic find at the time has to have been this *massive* fissue found on the exact border of not just one set but two, *whole* sets of sims, or, east to west, Tethys (north) – Davos (south) and Mimas – Cortina. Below Wilsonia stands on the east end — notice the nearest structure to the beginning of the fissure on this side is Mysti’s Big Blue house (since derezzed, though).


Here’s Wilsonia hovering near the center of the massive fissure. In checking back upon herself today, she estimates that at its deepest it has to be at least 100 meters.


On the west end now.


Almost exactly 1/2way up the fissure on the east side, Wilsonia encountered a quite interesting grotto perched on its northern lip, designed by Julia Hathor, who I understand has a reputation as an excellent SL builder. The 1536 parcel is owned by the SL Public Land Preserve group, and was claimed in late 2005. In touching the associated kiosk set up on the parcel and reading a notecard about the group, Wilsonia surprisingly noticed that the top 2 listings the list of land the group has preserved happened to be in Alice, yes, the same Alice that bb has been talking to in this blog and the one that has been “touching” Kerchal or Kerchal for nigh on 5 years now. This had to be some kind of clue about the family’s “next step” in exploring Sansara mysteries.

The picture below is actually not owned by the SL Public Land Preserve, but is still in Alice. It’s called the Alice Forest, whose 4096 sq meters borders the Kerchal Forest on its western side. It’s certainly an interesting extension of the Kerchal Forest, one could say, and perhaps how the two “talk” to each other, if that’s a way to put it.


Here’s one of the two parcels on the list, a small one called Alice Pocket Park, complete with a tent, a picnic table, a couple of trees, and not much more. Still you have a nice view of the Kerchal Forest from here.


Alice then visited the second listed parcel, the somewhat larger “Alice Free Library”. As advertised, there were books for the reading, iced tea, and also a walled garden. But Wilsonia’s attention was most attracted by the book on the wall immediately behind the tea tray, which advertised an SL house based upon one of M.C. Escher’s more famous prints, called “Relativity”. She knew this was another clue, perhaps the central clue Alice held at this time (?)



2 Responses to “Wilsonia’s Sansara Roamings, 3”

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