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Lakeview Art Colony basically dismantled. May 10, 2011

Filed under: Lakeview — baker Blinker @ 8:22 pm

Reason? Outside of a handful of friends, no one came, not even the exhibiting artists except myself of course. It never felt quite on center to be there, although I still find it to be a beautiful location. In the 2 weeks remaining on my rent, I’ll experiment with other structures, but most likely will not open another gallery in that location. I thought it might work and I definitely think it was worth a try.

So it looks like it’ll come down to Crabwoo and that’s all, perhaps for the whole summer and even beyond. The energy of Pietmond can’t be carried forth in the way that I had originally planned. Spiritual/mythological concerns must be the priority.


I subsequently played around with one of the larger versions of the Edwardston Station Gallery on the grounds, but I’m almost positive it won’t be sticking around.


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