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Lakeview art gallery: back on. May 24, 2011

Filed under: Lakeview — baker Blinker @ 6:58 am

Decided to test out the old Pietmond South Gallery in Lakeview before giving that land up. And I think I might have made it work, as best as it can there.

Disadvantages: obviously another fairly — well, I won’t say ugly but plain, let’s put it. Building, that is.

Advantages: very low on prims. I have over 500 prims left over to play with in the skybox, even adding in the landscaping efforts containing a number of higher prim vegetation. Super!

So it looks like I might be keeping the Lakeview property after all. Obvious new name for the gallery: Lakeview Gallery. A rooftop bar might follow.

Oh, and I have a basement area in this particular version, unlike with Pietmond South. This is due to the slope of the land, and how I had to position the building quite high to avoid going too far down into the ground in the back. Sometimes seeming disadvantages turn into advantages. The Pietmond South Gallery, in contrast, was on almost totally flat land.

I’m thinking I might put some kind of museum in this basement, but unsure yet. Things to plan for, which I like.

And of course I kept the Crabwoo property in the process.


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