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Pietmond Exodus, Path 02: Lakeview (Postmond?) April 23, 2011

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And now we have the second replacement village for Pietmond, the somewhat larger (than Crabwoo) collective I decided to name Lakeview, another descriptive term. Below is pictured the center of the town, if you will, but more just a conjunction of walkways with a bus stop for now.

Newest version of the Eternally Bickering Newton Jasper Garden, Lakeview style.

There are 2 main walkways in the village, which I haven’t named yet. Below is the eastern and higher of the 2.

Then the northern edge of the western/lower walkway is seen in the next photograph. Both walkways border several art galleries as follows:

Western/Lower: SoSo West (Mike Casey), Norum (Julie Sadler), and Gallery in the Rocks (Stegokitty)
Eastern/Upper: SoSo East (baker b.), Something to CHRO About (Kenneth Rougeau)

All of these galleries formerly existed in Pietmond in one form or another. In addition to the 5 galleries, we also have Home Orange and Home o’ Fibs transposed from Pietmond, both off the eastern/upper walkway. Home Orange contains the office of village caretaker Baker Bloch, once more. Home o’ Fibs still holds the Big Island/Comet Archipelago related objects, as it has in most previous incarnations.

Steps connecting the two main walkways of Lakeview.

Amazing view of Lake Gnoma from atop SoSo West, where the bar formerly sitting there in Pietmond has also been restored. Had to, don’t you think!?

From the below pictures, you can also see that the town is slotted into the northeast corner of a sizable forest as well.

Moon rising directly above Baker’s Home Orange and also the Newton statue while he is snapping the above photos. He took it as a good omen. Seems directly related to the similarly tinted Newton as well, a kind of solar figure.

Again, more on all this soon enough!


2 Responses to “Pietmond Exodus, Path 02: Lakeview (Postmond?)”

  1. June Trefoil Says:

    I got myself over to the almost brandy-new Lakeview. Good snapshots on your post here so I could find it easily. Enjoyed chugging a bottomless martini on your rooftop with the beautiful view. Rather than TP down to the ground floor I walked over the roofs, thinking that’s not what you intended. But then I saw a ladder. How thoughtful!!! The collections are wonderful – easy to get drawn in and get drawn in I did. Thanks bb!

  2. baker b. Says:

    That’s very nice of you to visit fledgling Lakeview, June! Yeah, the ladder was a last minute edition, kind of aa completing a circuit dealie. Glad you like the collections! I’ll pass complements like this along to the other contributors for sure when possible. I’m also attempting to get someone to chop down that pine tree blocking part of the lower sidewalk. 🙂

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