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News August 1, 2008

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Like the Temple of the Velvet Underground before it, now the Land of Oz is gone as well. Interesting border of rocks and hills now, though. Bye Oz!

Out with the old, in with the new — a new life on the mainlands. Rented a store/gallery. Love the space. Made friends with the owner ZZ. Commited myself now to probably 4-5 months there. Hope to get listed on the Art Gallery Owners website but unsure of that still; need to pass inspection. 🙂 But one can’t say that I didn’t try, and I’m sure there are other lists I can submit the gallery to. I see it as a *gallery*, though, and not a store. A small one but still a gallery.

So the blog now becomes, at least for a bit, a history of this gallery in a way, and my reintegration into mainland living after the peace and quiet of Azure Islands. The owner said they don’t get a lot of traffic here but to me it’s a pretty happening place, just in comparision mind you. And what place in SL is really hopping except nightclubs and the like? Anyways, I feel very good about owning a gallery and adding just a tiny bit to the cultural millieu of SL.

One of the attractions to renting the space is the proximity to Hoboland and this Aracadia Asylum mecca just to the north in the Calleta sim (pictured below). And there’s also a freebie shop of her creations almost within sight of my front door. It all seems so appropriate somehow.


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