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Karoz in Otherland, Nautilus City, Blake Sea June 9, 2009

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Teleported over to Otherland the other day to find this amazing switcheroo: the Hain sim just to the north of the Stephen sim, my old home and located in the center of what I call Otherland Island #1 in this blog, had been replaced by the Xabbu sim that use to lie several sims below the island. And besides that, the Castle of Verloren, along with the entire Verloren sim, had been removed from its former spot to the immediate east of Hain, and the next sim over, Pinswang, shifted into its place to meet up with Xabbu now. I’ve seen a lot of odd stuff already in SL, but this was a new one.

I quickly scanned the Otherland blog and saw no mention of what was going on, but I was able to located Hain and Verloren, along with one other sim, a considerable distance northeast of this main Otherland island.

And in checking tonight several days later when I’m writing this text, see that Hain has now returned to its old position at least. I’ll keep an eye out for the return of Verloren and report back here. It’s a popular SL destination, so I’m assuming it will be in its former position soon.


The SL map illustrating the changes I encountered that night.


I believe it was the same night that Karoz took his first visit to the Nautilus Island region, finding the underwater scapes surrounding the island very beautiful indeed, and he hoped he wasn’t taking up valuable log time from Baker Bloch that their common user could employ for further explorations of these waters. Baker Bloch later assured Karoz that he wasn’t.




While in the general region, Karoz also popped over to the Blake Sea to the east of Nautilus Island. Very interesting terrain there as well, but Karoz noticed he was getting unreasonably tired. This must the the random exploring fatigue Baker Bloch mentioned to him at one time. Best, then, to get back home to Jeogeot and Noru, and focus on the Korean Channel, Chilbo, and other sights in the more immediate area.

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  1. […] is no more, essentially. That’s pretty big SL news. Obviously the reason for the shifting around of the sims there I noticed. More on the essential demise of Otherland, at least in its original form, […]

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