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Continual Questions June 19, 2012

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Who is Salaman and does he truly live at the epicenter of Lower Concreek in that pebble rimmed hole?

Salaman is identical to Solomon if you magically change a to o.

Solomon sim may be true center, in turn, of Second Life, and where Baker Bloch was born beside on Isle of Baker. We first meet Baker Bloch in this blog interacting with Mr. Low in the underwater temple ruins right next to Solomon, and within the Sea of Solomon. But maybe the Second Life Solomon and Concreek’s Salaman are unrelated.

Salaman rides a Snoil, the fastest creature in Lower Concreekdom. S-Car Stop, S-Car Go!

After The Worm was erased from The Island, it became 26 separate districts named for letters A-Z and divided into 13-13 instead of former 22-4.


This was only the upper island or The Island. The Other [Island] was left out of the oddities in the main, or as a reflection of the primary weirdness. It is left [out] eye to right [on] eye, blue to red. Or maybe when The Worm (Wurme) was eliminated (Cline, The Klein or The Cline), the island became unmagical and subject to mundane laws. TILE was divided into mundane letters moving merely from a to z instead of a special manner (I to E to T to L).

We need theorists to help us. Perhaps Hucka D. will be one.

Hucka D.:

The one divided into the 4 with stem included. 4n1. Foreign One. This is the Foreign One, The Arab. The Arab comes and divides the one into the four to become Foreign One. It is his concrete[ as well].


Is this Future Me?

Hucka D. (after a pause):

Yes. We’ll say.


Is it Pierre?

Hucka D.:

Damn you! Just joking.


Peter, then.

Hucka D.:

Might be Peter. Peter SoSo.


Is it…

Hucka D.:

No. It is closer to say it is you.


It is an octavized me. Like Anaconda to Worm.


“Shot full of sun.”


I wonder if it’s like Dekker in Star Trek The Movie?


“Thomas… um, do you this… go ahead.”


Do you think when The Worm is removed and Mundane returns that the Special Level of TILE is left behind?

Hucka D.:

That is a good question.


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