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To Whitehead Xing 01 April 30, 2012

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The Mmm’s First Tree, once more.

On the way to Billfork, I decided to take a short detour to Mars Beach, Hermania. TILE Creek seemed to talk to me there — interesting mind experiment. We chatted about central Hermania and why I decided to clear that particular space just upcreek from here. I tried to justify the action, and I believe the woods, the area are forgiving now. They understand, along with the creek, that these are more listening stations than attempts to impose my ego upon the land (although there’s that aspect to deal with as well). Mars Beach is a listening station, Hermania Centre is a listening station. There’s many more just along TILE Creek itself.

Beautiful Drink Lake. But more than just a lake.

I knew immediately what this flower was: the distinct ladyslipper, found on the path toward Billfork. Wonderful! And several more were sprouting in the immediate area.

To Whitehead Crossing now, and a new Billfork-like focus. Or actually one of two new focuses concerning this location. I’ll discuss the one pictured below a bit more in my “To Whitehead Xing 02” post to follow, and then expand later. I assume some kind of initial Whitehead Crossing map is in order soon in tandem with this.

Interestingly marked pine tree in the same area, with some kind of moldy effect going on at the bottom of its trunk. Have to study up on what that might be.

Path cutting through this central pine forest of Whitehead Crossing, soon to reach the open areas of Green Stream in the background. This may have been the same path that carried Rock, the first human avatar, into the heart of Whitehead Crossing after his crash landing next to Green Stream. The Rocky Path (as a name) then?

Spectacular trunk of a tree fallen across Whitehead Creek. More than a bridge, I feel. A totem perhaps.

Top of Grey Rock. Gene Fade will most definitely be inspecting this location for potential “Fade to Moss” scenes, including perhaps a climatic one.

Grey Rock again from near Whitehead Creek.


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