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Otherland Hike (I’m there for ‘nother mnth., at least!) February 26, 2009

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This is not the first Otherland hike I made after deciding to keep the Gallery at the Temple of TILE in Stephen for at least another month, but the second. Unfortunately I botched the first batch of new Otherland photos (west to Irene, Zell, and Kapron) by accidentally leaving the “show interface in snapshot” toggle checked. I’ll try to make a hike in that direction and take more snapshots soon. In the meantime, I was able to cleanly record a shorter hike through Hain to the commercial district in Antibes, and then down the very nice, curving boardwalk that starts at the lower end of the Antibes commercial district and continues through Dulcie before ending in Anwin.

The first pic is of a well I didn’t know existed in Hain until this hike. Anyone speak Dutch? … never mind, I’ll just ask my neighbor sometime.:)


Here’s another picture of the only commercial region in the Otherland archipelago. Shame that such a pretty group of buildings lies basically deserted — don’t really understand the situation, admittedly.


A shot of the lighthouse in the bay fronting the district, catching the first rays of the rising sun.


Nice, if artificial, waterfall at the southern terminus of the boardwalk in Anwin.


From there it’s just a short hike over the ridge to Hurla Dontbee, who I don’t think has fully rezzed in when I took this snapshot.



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