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— To Edwardston! (2) July 18, 2008

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Views of the lush vegetation from the central sim of the archipelago…


S-Bum Finds Victorian House Gone, But No Time For That Now — To Edwardston!

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S-Bum wakes up to the view of the almost transparent “Missing Piece” and the waterfall behind it. She sits in First Chair a bit studying the scenery before heading back to Edwardston again. She has something specific in mind tonight (!)

But first down to the ground level of the property to view all that’s left of the Victorian house. S-Bum never even went in the place; no attachments will be missed there.

The pool underneath the house remains for now, inside the still standing foundation walls.

S-Bum revisits the only ground structure now left on my properties, which is Hidalgo Gallery. She looks out the east window to the now Victorian House-less view. Then south toward the empty sim again. S-Bum, like all the avatars of the Blink Or It’s Over group, enjoy occassionally sitting in the gallery and looking out these windows.

Then it’s off to Edwardston…

A view up from what Hucka D. is now calling Esbum’s Pond. More on that in a post above…

(to be continued)


S-Bum Wanderings Again — Edwardston, 1 July 17, 2008

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S-Bum then moves into the next sim over from Afar, also a part of the [delete name] Archipelago. This quickly becomes her favorite of the 3 sims included in this particular grouping. This is Edwardston.

In the inlet pictured below is one of the two locations I know of in the archipelago to find the aforementioned Starax goldfish. A number of varieties of these goldfish are presently swimming around there.

Those rocks S-Bum is standing on date from August, 2007, making them one of the latest owner creations I’ve found in the area.

Moving inland into the dense forest…

Where’d you go S-Bum?

Another mysterious flying machine owned by the Afar group. S-Bum doesn’t dare to attempt to fly it, though.

A beautiful little two section pond in the north center of the sim. S-Bum thinks: “Hucka D. has his pond in the area; perhaps this is *my* pond.”

View of pointy mtn. in the distance from near the pond.

Then on the west edge of the sim S-Bum comes across this tent and campfire, a discovery touched upon in the Bliss Gardens related post below this one. The tent is an Arcadia Asylum creation and so are several other objects in the area, including the campfire itself. S-Bum thinks to herself that she has found a home away from home (temple).

(Holy Howl’s Moving Castle!)


Bliss Gardens…

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This has got to be one of the most impressive places in SL (!) Waterfallpalooza!

It’s impossible to convey in a picture how high the below waterfall actually is. You just have to see it to experience the magnitude. And all of this within the 4 sim cave itself, although the roof of the cave is a bit beyond the range of Blochs’ draw distance here.

Outside the cave there are many more Bliss owned sims worth the time of exploring.

Damn, there’s some beavers! (sorry)

I don’t know what these little dragons are drinking but I think I want some. 🙂

Weird moment: Baker Bloch didn’t know this very night that S-Bum would find her own hobo or bum related tent in the Afar area, another Arcadia Asylum creation. The tent Blochs finds is not an Asylum creation, but it is certainly related in spirit.


Big Falls, Skywalk, New Front Of Temple

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I experimented with a lot of textures before settling on this particular one to cover the “front” of the temple. You like? It’s a temple of tile, after all, so why not cover it with tile? Makes sense.

Then we go with Baker Bloch inside to look at the bottom of what Hucka D. is calling, simply enough, Big Falls. Appropriate name, since the falls span the complete vertical height of the temple, making a total of 30 meters. 10 meters are seen here in this lower part of the falls. I also like the logic of the water of the falls emptying into Bag Pool (just out of sight near Baker Bloch’s feet in below photo). Perhaps Hucka D. should think about renaming them *Bag* Falls. Maybe not.

Then it’s up to Floor 3 to view the remaining 20 meter drop… this is actually a pretty impressive sight, one of the finest in the temple.

From the bottom of the top drop…

Then up the stairs we go again to get a view from nearer the top of the falls. I wanted to say here that you can just make out the 90% transparent circle that we’re calling the Sky Walk. Can you see it? I thought you could.

And actually you can see it still here in this shot, just below the waterfall’s top. Blochs is standing on a corner of Floor 6 again for this photo.

A longer view of the new tile exterior of the temple’s front. I also changed the texture of the other sides to a kind of scratched metal type thingie. You dig more? Thought so.

Better, eh?


Lavender Falls July 14, 2008

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So I inserted my first waterfall into the temple recently. Called it Lavender Falls because at the time there were lavender colored flowers (snapdragons) in profusion just behind it in what I can the Sewer Wing of the structure now.

From near the tunnel entrance connecting Floor 1 of the original temple cube with the newer Sewer Wing.

Sitting on a rock in front of the falls. Oh, I should say that I purchased this from the Luna Bliss Garden Store, a huge affairs as I think I’ve said recently in this blog. Transport here to see the vast selection. This waterfall happens to be the *smallest* I could purchase, well worth L163 I paid. And it’s only 8 prims. Recommended. (See post above for examples of *much* huger falls in the Bliss Gardens located immediately below the store.

And here’s a shot from just inside the Sewer Wing immediately behind the falls. As you can see, the back of the falls (rocks) pokes through the wall here a bit, an effect I actually like because it bridges the chasm a bit between the two very different sections of Floor 1, sewer and garden, as it were.

The snapdragons pictured here have since been removed, although I made add them in again at a later time.

From a window of Floor 2 of the structure.

Then down, down, down from a Floor 6 vantage point.

Then Floor 3…


S-Bum Wanderings Again July 13, 2008

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Afar area once more.

S-Bum ventures underwater to a hilly range Hucka D. later dubs Three Diamond Ridge. Each hillock makes a diamond shape when seen from above.

Motorcycle found in cleft between Afar and neighboring sim. S-Bum attempts to ride but fails.

An Afar building S-Bum spies that Hucka D. insists wasn’t there before.

Rock formations on Afar — Hucka D. doesn’t remember these either.

Hucka D. calls this new formation Snaggle Tooth Mountain.

The clump of palm trees S-Bum is attracted to again.


S-Bum’s Wanderings, Part 2 July 12, 2008

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More S-Bum wanderings in the same area.

A giant eucalyptus tree, just like the one in B-Hivia. Same trees over and over again in SL, thinks S-Bum. She doesn’t know about God Dog yet.

And then to Otherland to view Hucka D.’s Bee’s Nest Mountain and also the obligatory visit with Hurla Dontbee.

There’s the lemon again.

Then back it is to home and the temple.

Red, green, blue again.


S-Bum’s Wanderings, Part 1

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S-Bum decides to retrace some of Hucka D.’s journeys through SL so far. This particular trek takes her to the adjacent sims of Afar.

Spear-shaped cypress trees are found here in some abundance, just like the one in the ToT.

View back to Afar. S-Bum thinks how beautiful this place is; again she desires to paint.

Interesting clump of palm trees on the sim directly next to Afar, the one with Hucka D.’s “Tile Pool” and connected red, green, blue spheres. Another potential subject for a piece of art.


Temple of TILE Additions 3, Part 2 July 10, 2008

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Then here’s the room itself, which is entered from the far side of floor or level 5. Baker Blinker here has to step up on a stack of old newspapers to enter the room itself, since it is a number of inches above the floor it has been placed upon — she can’t manage to walk up to it in a normal fashion that is, and even Hucka D., with his larger feet, can only do it with some effort.

Inside the room. This, I believe is the only room of this type that is open to the inside. Let me check in me head — yes. This is the crucial link, I suppose, then.

In the middle of the room, I created a hole (20 percent hollow prim) which allows one to go to the similar room just underneath this, one of the two “upper tunnel” rooms I just mentioned. Without this link, these 2 rooms, linked only by this upper tunnel, remain remote from the rest of the temple physically.

Down the ladder and into the lower room. Notice also that the partition formerly in this room has been removed to make room for the ladder, among other things.