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Nautilus Underwater, East 5 November 24, 2008

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Determined to complete his sweep of the eastern waters before Thanksgiving, Blochs moves north of the island, starting at the northwest corner of the Yarikh sim and trekking eastward. Soon he stumbles upon this amazing sight: not one statue this time but a considerable number of them, sometimes kind of whole but sometimes with just an arm, hand or leg remaining. A very “Dawn of the Dead” type scene! Oh, and there are also some structures that go along with it once more. So once again we have a very different kind of of object array than Baker Bloch has run across before in his investigation of the Nautilus City ocean floor. Let’s look closer.


In one corner of the statue/statue part region we have several figures of Neptune/Poseidon again. Baker is careful to note that the one furtherest back in the below snapshot appears bald, since he has seen the same effect in the sea goddess statue just visited (described in the post before this one). Both figures in the snapshot here are completely missing the lower parts of their body as well. Despite this lack, both are also stand about 4 meters above the ocean floor, which means they would be close to 10 meters tall if intact.


Here Baker Bloch stands on a very long structure that, like the Jellicoe structures, has no internal areas. It’s just a block of rock. This time, though, Esbum is estimating its dimensions at 80 meters long and 20 meters wide. And I suppose we should then do a block count. Esbum comes up with 2048 total, individual blocks of square rock this time. Hey, that’s the same amount of blocks in the 2 similar Jellicoe structures if you add their total together! Twice times 1024, then. Gotta remember that little curiosity for sure. In the present structure, the blocks, however, appear to be twice as wide, long and high as their Jellicoe counterparts, which makes the whole structure have 4 times the volume of the 2 Jellicoe structures combined. If Esbum is right with her length estimate, it also means the structure runs across about a third of the total length of the inclusive sim.


Moving back into the body part area, Baker inspects the 3 centrally located golden-green “arms” just to the east of the 2 Poseidon figures we just spoke about.These arms and hands aren’t all the same size, and none of the hands appear to make the same gesture. In fact, the hand/arm furtherest to the north only contains 3 fingers which appeared to be a claw of some type upon first glance by Esbum. However, as she’s taking a closer look she thinks the actual gesture may have originally been of a clinched fist — hard to determine since both the thumb and middle finger are missing, though. Moving to the middle of the three arms, we have a gesture indicted in other statues found by Baker Bloch in the island region, most recently the bald sea goddess figure in the Ychibarcu sim mentioned before.


And actually the same gesture can be found on a sea goddess statue just behind these more golden arms, apparently the same goddess depicted in Ychibarcu and some other places we’ve visited so far on the Nautilus ocean floor. This statue is also polished like the Ychibarcu version, although its color is a somewhat deeper green. Just as a contrast, the Ychibarcu statue appears to be colored the same as the 3 more golden arms found downhill from this newly discovered sea goddess figure.

The third and larger handed golden arm of this threesome, just to complete that part of the overall picture, has a kind of thumbs up gesture. I’ll have to check sometime to see if this particular type of hand has come up in the blog before.

Actually, Esbum is in the area now, checking behind Blochs again, and is noting the gestures of the middle golden hand and the exposed hand of the more green sea goddess immediately uphill from it are similar but not the same. The thumb touches the ring finger in the former, while there is a gap between the same fingers in the latter.

Esbum also tells me that there is a 4th golden-greenish arm in the area, a little more separate from the other three and to the west of them. Esbum thinks Baker Bloch may not have noted it originally because it’s not upright like the others, but lies more buried in the ocean floor. The hand is clinched, as if it is holding an invisible sword, for example. This gesture is different from those of the other 3 golden-green hands in the area.

And then, perhaps to emphasize or complement this “4th” arm, Esbum also notes that the closest statue or statue part to it is a severed *leg*, belonging to a Poseidon statue.


So let’s move to the last section of this rather amazing statue parts area to two objects Baker Bloch did take snapshots of during his visit. These are a headless torso and then, beside it on the ground, just a head. Both belong to Posedon statues originally, but not the same statue, since the severed Poseidon head is considerably larger than the one that would have topped the torso beside it. Spookily, the large head has bubbles coming out of its mouth. I’m reminded of the mysterious bubbles found in the Citadel pool beside the rowboat with the pink crystals.

Esbum also thinks it’s important to mention that several large spears stick out of the ground in this statue parts region, most, interestingly, with the speadhead stuck up instead of down into the ground.


A view of a mostly buried colonnade just to the south of the statue area now crossing a field of fish filled kelp.


Afterwards, Baker Bloch emerges from the sea to ascend the highest, natural (?) hill of the Nautilus City island. Sitting on the hilltop bench, where he would be able to just make out Magellen Linden’s huge atomic boring machine through the Eucalyptus branches if he were to turn around, his gaze instead focuses down on the broad ocean view to the north, turning around in his head the sights of another amazing underwater find. “How many are still left?” he asks aloud in breathless wonder as he continues to gaze.


Nautilus Underwater, East 6


Nautilus Underwater, East 4 November 22, 2008

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Moving more south that west of the Far East island highlighted in post 1 of this 6 part mini-series, Baker Bloch uncovered another cluster of structures and objects in the Jellicoe sim. Interesting that all of these various arrays are so different from each other, as will continue throughout at least this “east” part of the whole, projected Nautilus Underwater series. Regarding the whole series, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it or not yet, but I’d like to divide it into four logical parts, one for each compass direction in reference to the main city/island itself. So the 6 posts of the “East” series will represent only about 1/4th the overall text and photos of the entire process that Baker Bloch plans to subject himself to. I’m not sure if anything can top that original temple room find at Far East, but Blochs is planning on devoting a considerable chunk of time to the effort anyway.

Then a logical, third Nautilus City series would be to reexamine the above water island environs later on — when, as I said, things settle down a bit as far as new builds and all — in light of what is found underwater in the meantime, and then draw some kind of conclusions about what is actually going on with the new Nautilus City landscape/waterscape.


So back to the Jellicoe cluster. Here we have two main structures that, once again, appear to be identical. Esbum is checking the overall dimensions right now, and she estimates that they’re 20 meters long by 10 meters wide by 10 meter high. But there’s no “inside” to these structures this time: they simply appear to be large blocks of rocks or, more correctly, structures made out of a large number of individual rock blocks. If these blocks are 1x1x1 meter cubes themselves, then, as Esbum counts them out, the overall structures actually appear to be 16 meters long and 8 meters wide and high. Interesting, because this would make for a total of 1024 square blocks in each structure, matching the square meterage of the properties sold on the main island. Is this some kind of direct reference to the Nautilus City island parcels, then? Baker Bloch will keep this little coincidence in mind, at any rate, during future explorations and attemped hypotheses.

The two 1024 cubic meter blocks seem to be positioned directly north and south of each other at the same elevation within a shallow valley, with a gap of about 30-40 meters separating the two that also is indented in respect to the raised structures around it. It appears the ground the two identical structures sit on was perhaps artificially raised through some kind of terraforming, because the ground between them lies at about the same elevation as the overall valley this complex lies within. Thus although the in-between area appears pitted, or lowered in some fashion, in checking behind Baker Bloch, Esbum thinks that this isn’t so.


This is important to speculate about, perhaps, because within this “indentation” are positioned 8 upright crystals, with 4 being a bright red color and the other 4 being red as well but with a distinctly more pinkish-purplish tint. And when Esbum arrived at this area during the night, the whole pit they are in was glowing red through their incandescence. Also worth perhaps noting are that 5 of the 8 are clustered at the center of the pit, leaning outward from this common center, while the remaining 3 are more on the outside, spread out, and leaning inward toward the other 5 in the center.


Now to the immediate southeast of these blocks and crystals, just over a hill in the next valley, Baker Bloch finds what appears to be another statue devoted to sea goddess, just like in the one found more to the south of the island and described in this earlier Nautilus City post. Blocks didn’t remember the goddess having this kind of serpentine body before, but, in checking behind Baker, Esbum Michigan discovers that they appear to be identical, except the Jellicoe version of the statue is a somewhat more damaged state. Namely, the goddess’ wings (or wing-like fins?) have fallen off in this more eastern version, along with the arms. The wings lies in the sand beside the figure, but the arms are nowhere to be found. Interesting.



Then we have this object on the valley floor just in front of the sea goddess statue, whose description reads “Masculine Monument”. I’ve seen this object before in the Nautilus City area as well, specifically in the park next to the canal described here in this blog. Again, I get the feeling that these objects weren’t place here just by random choice but that a thought out process was involved. Could be wrong, and, again, I think the task at hand is simply one of observation more than any type of global analysis yet.


Baker Bloch attempts to create a satisfying snapshot of the monument and the sea goddess together from a little north in the valley floor, but the water’s translucent quality makes this a tough assignment. A shark is also circling around above the moment; again hard to make out here, though. Then we have the ribcase directly in front of Blochs of some unknown species, just to complete the picture.


Then moving on, Baker heads further south to explore the 2 eastern sims closest to what’s called the Maebaleia continent in the SL wikia (just to remind, the Nautilus City/Island lies between the larger landmasses or continents of Maebaleia to the south and Nautilus continent to the north). Nothing of note found there, but Blochs still enjoys walking around the subterranean hills and valleys of the region.


Then moving back north and toward the island, Baker Bloch already knew of this statue in the Ychibarcu sim through another blog, but hadn’t taken a picture of it himself to his knowledge. It’s obviously the sea goddess again, but without a headdress this time. So the sea goddess is actually bald? At any rate, other body parts are missing from this particular figure of the goddess, such as the wings and tail. The material for the statue here is also of a different material, or at least a more polished version of the same metal (copper?).

And what exactly is the relationship between the green sea goddess figures and the gold snake goddess figures with the same facial structure and perhaps even the same headdress??


Tired from his day of underwater exploration and mind skewing finds, Baker Bloch relaxes by floating in an inlet of the main island.


Nautilus Underwater, East 5


Nautilus Underwater, East 3 November 21, 2008

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Esbum Michigan is at this location as I write this text, checking behind Baker Bloch’s observations. As far as I can tell, this is a complex of 4 almost empty structures all partially buried in the sea floor now. This is in the Ythmum sim (teleport here to view it yourself). All 4 appear identical to each other as well, with 3 on the bank of the same, little sea valley and the 4th positioned on the side of a hillock a little further to the west, just above one of those thriving seaweed choked bottom lands.


Various artifacts are found in and around the structures, including this array of 2 tall jars (center) and what’s called a “pitcher” in the description to the right of Baker here.


Curiously, the couple of tall jars at the structure just opposite the valley bottom from the one pictured above, while obviously the same type of jar, are colored more brown than green. Just noting this.*


And then we have what’s called a “Corroded Brass Pole” partially buried in the sand beside the structure with the greener jars. As Esbum explores the region today while I’m creating this text, she’s indicated that there’s another one of these poles propped up against the wall of the 3rd structure of this particular complex. She also notes that there’s a rather large, golden squid inside that sunken building, a creature Baker Bloch noticed as well but neglected to take a decent snapshot of while in the area.

Squids above a kelp covered bottomland again, except this time they’re green or blue-green instead of pink.


Here’s the 4th structure that’s set off from the other three a bit. Notice the several sea fans sprouting from the roof.


Nautilus Underwater, East 4

* Esbum also notes that there are 2 and only 2 jars at each of the 3 more tightly clustered ruined buildings, with the the 2 on the west side of the small valley they’re located in harboring the non-green jars and the one on the east side having the 2 green or greener jars. Then the 4th set-apart structure has no jars — just sea fans.


Nautilus Underwater, East 2

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Well, after the temple room and it’s force field protect room of splendors and mystery, it’s not surprising that the rest of this 6 part “Nautilus Underwater, East” series might be a little boring, starting with a snapshot of this sea serpent. But onward I go anyway… Baker Bloch now feels he must explore the the entire new part of the ocean surrounding Nautilus City/Island to see what else he’s been missing. However, he has vowed not to return to the island itself in large for a considerable time period, until things settle down there after the recent buying spree on property. He couldn’t help notice, though, that there’s a *lot* of land still for sale on the island, and he wonders how long it will take for the “settling down” to happen, maybe months, many even years. I only talked Baker Bloch in return to the the Nautilus Island area after the spectacular find on the far eastern island of the complex — let’s just call this island Far East itself when referring to it in this blog. He won’t *technically* be returning, I argued to him, since he’s not really returning to the island itself, again in any extensive fashion as before. Oh, he’ll most likely have to make landfall at times, I admitted, if only to get his bearing ocassionally. But, no, I told him I understand completely about waiting for the new residents to adjust to the island with their own unique builds, etc. However, just in spot checking (teleporting quickly in and out of various locations), Baker Bloch and also Esbum Michigan and Hucka D., both of whom have been doing some fact checking behind Baker Bloch (Esbum’s in the field today, matter of fact), the new builds seem curiously conservative — very nice but quite tame. I sent Hucka D. out there to examine the sky region, where he discovered only a handful of builds still, and with the one large build he came across in his admittedly limited time there being another nicely constructed but still what one could call a “traditional” skybox. It’s early I know, but I’m beginning to wonder if and when the real creativity that the island almost demands back will surface. Lord knows my haphazardly collaged Temple of TILE would not fit in there at all, but… well, I’ll stick to my wait-and-see holding pattern for now.


I didn’t mean to imply that Baker Bloch didn’t find anything else of interest besides the temple room at Far East. Take, for example, this Nautilus craft located between Far East and the dolphin temple at the east end of the island itself, which appears to be the same kind as found in the bottom area of the temple (post describing it appears here). However, according to the description of this particular version, it is a “stranded Nautilus”. Which begs questions such as: “Who stranded it?”; “How long has it been here?” and, most importantly perhaps; “Was it on the way to Far East when it was stranded and, if so, was it perhaps sabotaged in some way or attacked in some fashion?” These, of course, will have to remain open questions for now.


Baker Bloch pauses to admire the spectacle of pink squids rising above a bottom land of seaweed and swirling schools of small fish.



Another beautiful array of colorful sea life inside the bottom of an old ship hull.


Nautilus Underwater, East 3


Nautilus Underwater, East 1

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I’m not sure how much energy I want to divest to another detailed examination of Nautilus Island, this time focusing more on the sea, but I did at least want to clear my folders of the snapshots in these 3 particular posts (East 1, 2, 3). The most important find is most likely described in this first post, which appears to be a temple room.

Here’s a snapshot of the easternmost island of the new Nautilus Island/City sims. Not much to see there — island appears totally devoid of any kind of life. However, in checking behind Baker Bloch’s observations once more, Esbum is presently finding several missed objects on a south bank of the island, including 2 side-by-side “Mythic Pear Whelks” and, about 10 meters away, a green bottle termed “bottle candle green” upon inspection.

But anyway, the most important part to take in on the below snapshot is that dark object near the lower right hand corner. That’s the underwater temple room. Let’s move in closer.


When he first encountered the opening, Baker Bloch was quite shocked to see this large visage of Neptune staring back out at him. Not what he expected to find on a remote edge of the Nautilus sims. He’s made a note to check *islands* in this new sea very carefully during future explorations.


Flying through the square door of the hidden temple room (there’s no way to just walk in) he immediately runs across another Neptune/Poseidon statue which has been knocked over by some means, with several parts of the body, including the head, dis-attached from the torso.


He takes another deep breath when then turning to his left and seeing this incredible display. What in the world do we have here? he found himself thinking. There’s the snake goddess figure again, just like in the pink cystal temple in the Citadel region… wait, the eyes are red this time! He takes a closer look…


Acually, between the time of these snapshot and the writing of the text, I decided to send Hucka Doobie to the Citadel temple just to make sure the eyes weren’t red there as well. They weren’t, but Hucka D. also made an astute observation upon taking a closer look at those golden eyes, gold like all the rest of the figures there, that they could be *closed* eyes. That is, the gold eyes could just be gold *eyelids*. Well, if Hucka D. is right on this, and he could very well be, it raises some issues. Why would the Citadel temple goddess’ eyes be shut and this particular one, way out in the middle of nowhere, be open? I’m also reminded that there are snake goddesses guarding the larger pink crystal cluster to the north of the Citadel, and I found it strange at the time that these 4 looked *away* from the crystals while the 2 on the lower floor of the Citadel temple looked toward the smaller cluster of pink crystals in that building. Are they really looking toward it, though?

Another idea is that the red eyes of the temple goddesses, and also of the identical goddess figures in the outdoor crystal complex to the north, have been removed, perhaps related to their value. They could be large rubies. But a check of the prim totals for one of the golden eyed Citadel figures and then this particular red-eyed figure shows the same number of prims, 42, which seems to argue against the theft theory and more towards the closed eyes theory.


However fascinating this red eyed wonder is, there’s much more to be seen in this closed off section of the temple room. I want, first, to address this window pane effect. In thinking about it further, I don’t believe it’s a window. I think it’s some kind of force field. It has that sort of wavery effect (Esbum is looking at it right now as I type) one associates with force fields through movies and shut. It’s simply called “Object” in the description, but I think I’m right here. If so, this means that the people of the island had access to at least pockets of advanced technology, more advanced than our own present RL technologies that is. This also begs the inclusion of more Atlantean resources to be brought to bear on the subject. I know that the supposed Atlantean crystals were used for many technological purposes that we consider to be impossible, and thus move more into the magical and fairy-tale realm. But virtual realities such as SL are giving us, even if only on a very abstracted level, glimpses as to how these purposes could have been actuated. And I think this is one of the fascinations with the Nautilus Island/City area for some: we have something that just popped out of the sea in a matter of hours, maybe minutes, just like Atlantis supposedly sunk rapidly into the ocean in its final days.

I’m no Atlantis expert at all, but I am planning to look up the possible use of force fields in Atlantean times. Could be important information.

Getting back to SL and this island temple, we have, then, a bowl of different hued crystals on a table below the goddess. This also immediately attracted my attention. At first I thought the round ones might be pills or something other than crystals, but in inspecting the descriptions found out they’re not. And I’ve seen that type of crystal bracelet before — near the wrecked boat at the bottom of the central Citadel pool (not yet recorded in this blog, though).

Then you have a number of golden dolphins surrounding the goddess, 4 to be exact. And all those jars.

And I’m still overlooking what many would consider the most important part: the golden bullion! There’s piles and piles of it on the floor just below the goddess. Is this, then, merely a treasure trove? Are we looking through a “window”, almost a time portal, into the past glory of the island?


Well, I’ve speculated enough for tonight. There’s obviously much to chew on here.


Nautilus Underwater, East 2


Random Things… November 18, 2008

More shots from the underwater realm at Chikepe. Pictured below are 2 coral arches that I missed before, lined up with each other to the south of the main ruins.


A night shot of the Edwardston Station Gallery skybox from the western edge of the Rubi forest.


Several times in the last week or so I’ve found myself pulled back to the old Azure Islands haunts. This would be the main Azure Island… just popping around and seeing what’s changed since I lived there. Seems so long ago, but it’s only been a bit over 3 months since I left. But I have a feeling I can never return. Besides the neighborhood looks so deserted even in comparison to when I moved there in April. Very sad.

Below is a snapshot of some of the desolated landscape you find on the main Azure Island now, where before you found houses and pleasant domestic living. Granted that a wasteland has its own type of aesthetic I can dig, but it comes to a point where you have to ask yourself: what do you want to get out of your SL experience? Do you want to live in a well over half deserted island with zoning restrictions added on top, or do you want to move to the mess that is the mainlands which, however, offers little zoning restrictions outside of some common courtesy rules (some of which I’ve probably violated at this point)? Once I found the Rubi properties, I knew I had to make the leap from off-mainland to mainland, and *probably* for good. But I got a whole lot out of my Azure Island experience — it really is an ideal place to live in SL if you just want to *live* and not do anything else. I see now that I had to choose the galleries and temple over living in relative peace and isolation, though.

I still miss it.


Although probably close to half of the properties on the main Azure Island are up for sale, there are still some pleasant domestic spots, such as this walled field of flowers in Gacrux.


Moving back to the mainlands and Bay City in particular now, there’s this whole Mole mythology that I missed upon my brief explorations of Bay City prior to last week, obviously tied into such things as these Mole Ruins on the western edge of Falconmoon…


… and this statue of what’s called “Sir Mole”, also in Falconmoon.

So I’ve decided to make it a point to explore the Bay City area in a thorough manner sometime quite soon, much like Baker Bloch did at Nautilus Island/City. Bay City’s not quite as large as that area, and admittedly I’m not as attracted to strict urban areas. But I’ll give it a shot. Bay City really is a nicely crafted region, although the property prices are *way* out of my league (just as they are now in Nautilus).


Moving on… I found another “Arab” type vessel underwater on the Sansara continent. I can’t remember which sim now, unfortunately. But this one guarded by flesh eating piranas so Baker Bloch (after getting part of his leg gnawed into!) decides that further exploration would not be prudent.


I also find myself being drawn back to the Nautilus Island region, and I promise an update of online resources pertaining to that island in the near future as well. Here Baker Bloch explores some of the northernmost of the new sims, all 100% water sims. What I may do is focus more on the underwater regions around the Nautilus island in any new, personal updates. I also want to report more on some of the interal water sims of the Nautilus continent north of the new regions, places that I was exploring just before the sudden appearance of the island to the south.


Baker Bloch briefly revisits the island itself, then, sitting on this forested northeast corner and taking in the nightime vista over the new sea.


Baker Bloch can resist teleporting into a couple of other places on the island, including this lounging area just north of the mile long canal cutting into the island from the west. But he didn’t stay long.

I have a feeling there’s much more to be found in and around that island.


I’ve also worked some on the gallery, adding this interesting mural obviously based on Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. That’s Ozma’s brother Ozmo filling in for the main player.




New Island!, 21 October 23, 2008

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Satisfied that he’d seen all of the important, original structures of the central city, Baker Bloch decides to fly down the great canal one more time… past the rows and rows of identically shaped and sized houses surrounding the central Citadel pool on all sides…

…through the massive gelded gate and then past the bathing/swimming pools now filled more with avatars than sea serpents most likely… past the giant chessboard and pieces that perhaps are movable now and have been employed already in a number of hotly contested games…

…past the leaning Magellen Linden owned boring machine lying idle and salient against the backdrop of the island’s highest hill…

…past the majestic temple of the dolphins, complete with its red crystals and giant golden monument to a mysterious feminine island presence.

Further and further he flies, beyond the end of the island, but not stopping until reaching the end of the SL virtual world itself in this direction.

Only then does he look back to glimpse the slightest hint that the huge island even exists.

Baker Bloch knows that when he returns it will be much changed, for tomorrow (at that time) the bidding wars begin for available properties. From this day forward it will not be just a “virgin” Linden made island but a Linden + Resident made island. A symbiosis is about to take effect, for better or for worse.

Goodbye original Nautilus Island!



New Island!, 20

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Almost next to the Citadel’s central temple is this ampitheatre of considerable proportions, capable of holding well over 100 avatars upon rough guess.I wonder what kind of theatre the original inhabitants enjoyed at this venue? Or was it instead a place of war and battle? Baker Bloch hoped not, but the swords and spears in the Citadel pool just below painted a picture of a more violent culture than he perhaps wished for.

Ahhh! Now red crystals near the center of the city. The pattern is broken at last!

Mysterious ground swells above the interior walls.

And then another, smaller open air temple to the immediate west of the central crystal temple of this area. (the ampitheatre, btw, lies to the immediate south of the same). But there’s nothing within this time except for a giant slab of a table with matching seating. Maybe a place for banquets?

Next: The End?


New Island!, 19

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Since he’s on the edge of the raised central area anyway, Baker Bloch decides just to run the entire perimeter of the island’s central, circular area, just to get a better feel for the scope of the interior city.

Convincing evidence for seismic activity dots this perimeter, such as these displaced slabs obviously weighing many tons apiece.

But there are also still intact objects of a much more fragile nature placed at the wall as well, seeming to imply that the seismic eruptions may be in the past. Perhaps these same upheavals sunk the part of a former population center positioned to the island’s immediate north, the seabed closest to the central city.* Might the two have been joined at one time? But if so why did that part sink while this remained many meters above the overall flat island surface? Has the raised part of the city been somehow rendered earthquake-proof, perhaps, as HBA speculates in one of his comments to my Nautilus Island related posts, through the energy of the giant pink crystals themselves?? It makes interesting food for thought.

More seismic wave evidence here at a different point on the wall’s top.

Back to the center.

* In rechecking Baker Bloch once again, Esbum Michigan finds that most of the ruins in the seabed to the north of the island are actually positioned to the northeast of the central circular city. Just fyi.


New Island!, 18

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I apologize to any person or people that have attempted to read my Nautilus City series all the way through and have reached this textual dead end. I’ll try to remedy that this afternoon. One thing that happened in the meantime is a new split between my 2 galleries, as I’ve explained in subsequent posts on this blog. That’s taken a lot of time, but I think the effort has paid off. Now to finish this unfinished business…

Baker Bloch steps out of the Citadel temple into the large, circular city spread out all around it. All the houses are identical to those around the harbour on the west side of the island, and in the same 3 tints of magenta, yellow and blue.

Some more views of the temple from some of the nearby buildings and walkways.

This stunner of a crystal cluster, with the central one topping 45 meters, is found about a sim due north of the crytal temple’s center. Same color crystals as found inside the due south temple as well — pink again. So the pattern is holding out that we find pink crystals in the center of the island, more purple crystals to the west, and then the deep ruby red ones to the east. Don’t have a clue what this means, but I did note that pink is pretty close to red-violet, which would be the hue of the color wheel between purple and red. So for whatever reasons, there’s kind of a progression of crystal colors from violet to red as we move west to east across the island.\

Also I should mention here that there’s 4 more of those Minoan style snake goddess statues surrounding this high cluster of pink crystals, 2 on the west and 2 more to the east. Perhaps interestingly, all are facing away from the crystals in this case, unlike in the Citadel temple to the immediate south.

Next: running the high circle.