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My SL Galleries May 20, 2009

My virtual galleries located within the game grid of Second Life.

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Small, art oriented village of hodge-podge structures in a mainland setting. Boris’ focus will be on art and spirituality.


Town Hall (entry point of village)

Rose Cottage

Modest home of town preacher and undertaker Warren Zeevon.

Coolie Building

The name says it.

Blue Feather Gallery

COMING SOON: featuring Jeogeot continent related art. Largest version of Blue Feather Gallery in the past (Norum; 2010) here.

SoSo East

Featuring the Oblong collage series (2007) from baker b.’s “Art 10×10” (see also: Edwardston Station Gallery in Blackmount containing the entire “Art 10×10”)

Yippie TILE One On!

Currently empty. Archived exhibit here.

TILE Towers

Featuring permanent exhibit “Baker Bloch in England” (also: flickr).

House of Truth


Central structure of Boris, most likely, still a work in progress but honoring the water spirit of same name. (see also: Temple of TILE in Siliconicus)



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