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Chance Upon Bushes February 21, 2008

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So I decided to return to the faux Baker’s Island, as I’m calling it in part, to investigate the grounds further. My recent research of this particular sim via google search highlighted its special nature. Although, again, I won’t go into detail here or specifics, save to say that it really does seem to be the closest thing SL has to the forest of Baker’s Island, albeit only a small fraction thereof. As I also said before, it’d take 32 of these “empty” sims to cover Baker’s Island. Let me add that up. Even subtracting any upfront costs, like you would have w/ regular SL islands, that’s still $9400 of land fees every month ($295 per sim). Bet humble Bill Baker, RL owner of Baker’s I./Henry I., doesn’t pay that much a month on his low interest loan used to buy his island! Back to the investigation.

Found these 3 translucent cubes in the south-center of the sim, and couldn’t resist the temptation to sit on ’em. Creator’s name is Torley Linden of SL video tutorial fame. So that didn’t seem so mysterious since this is Gov. Linden land after all.


Here’s something I ran into early on in my investigation of this sim but had a hard time re-finding, perhaps because of all the trees surrounding it. We’ll say that anyway. Eventually I did spot it again several days later (or several hrs. later, SL time), and discovered it to be the creation of another Linden, Ben this time, who claimed it to be a tree planter, 1.1 version. But all of the trees of this forest seem to be the spawn of yet another Linden, Eric this time, who I later learned had long left Linden Labs but remains famous inworld for his many notable creations thoughout the metaverse, including terrain and landscape work. Again, this didn’t seem very mysterious, but I still wasn’t sure.


He ho, what’s this? Two pieces of vegetation that weren’t trees — the first I had found of this kind. I quickly scanned for creator/s, and found both to be the product of a non-Linden simply called “Chance”, with the objects titled “Pointy Bush, High” and “Pointy Bush, Low.”

Here was my next lead!


View from Lighthouse translated into Second Life (SL) February 20, 2008

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In SL, I do not actually own an island or even any part of an SL sim. I am a wanderer, being a relative SL newb and having zero lindens for now. I have not gotten the hang of SL building yet. This is a scripted island, thus. All locations are from a Gov. Linden owned sim on Sansara continent. I will withhold its name for now [3/28/08: I”m giving it out now: It is Kerchal]. I found it running the Linden roads one night, as I like to do. I briefly thought of using the Forest of Kahruvel for “filming” but it is too mountainous. RL Baker’s Island looks like it has only small hills at best. Besides, that forest is playing its part in another story from someone considerably older to SL ways than I. Check out the beginning here:

There I am!


Then, over a grassy hillock, a stone hand with eye!

This is actually a collage of stone hand w/ eye and the SL forest location mentioned before. Yes, this has something to do with the SL logo. It is not in the forest, yet it is. baker recalls reading about a stone marker for a grave of John Low while researching Baker’s Island, and wonders if this could somehow be related.