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Return… December 18, 2008

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Behind on text generation again… a couple of days ago, I bought land on AI#1 again, as I’m calling it here once more, at least for a while. Shopped around for a nicer house until I settled on this newer Victorian one, again a Fatima Ur creation, just like the old Victorian house that use to sit on the Gliese lot and was later used in a revised Temple of TILE (the shell of the two duplicate houses are still there in its present form). But this is a more solid design. Really like it, although the house will just be a place that I, as Baker Bloch, sit and look out upon the forest and wilderness surrounding it. Also I want to hang a few pictures in the house, perhaps even, eventually, the projected Wheeler-Jasper collage series coming up.


Backyard of the house here, a small open space in the forest.


View from across the road to the east…


… then up high from the west…

About 1/2 those trees you can see in the snapshot are ones I planted. I simply copied the 4 types of trees that grow in the “natural” forest in the sim just below me and used them to populate my own land. I think it works swell… natural thing to do, as I said.



And then way up in the sky now, we have the transplated Temple of TILE, back from its mainland journey. As I’ll explain in posts to come, there’s now a larger sky complex surrounding this temple, with maybe more to come (!)

p.s.: this thing was a bitch to move, because of the size and multiple creators involved.



Velvet Underground Temple Gone (Hey, temple disappears and another appears!) June 21, 2008

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Verdigris: Nearer An End And Beginning May 25, 2008

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More volcano views.

Interesting, perhaps, that the sim immediately west of the volcano centered one disappeared for a while during a Baker Bloch visit. In trying to assertain from various island avatars what happened, he was called a pervert and, in a separate incident also banned from a parcel. Then later on that very day Baker Blinker was sexually harassed not once but twice (by the same avatar, though) in the relatively remote water sim where she frequently rezzes objects. To me, baker b., this reinforces some of the pitfalls and limitations of SL in general, and that avoiding people, whenever possible, is usually the right path to take.

Here Hucka Doobie flies far above our Azure house. Nice editing out of most of the neighbors by the clouds!


I see… May 19, 2008

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“What exactly is TILE Mr. Bloch?”

Baker Bloch:

I’m here for you again, Hucka. TILE is a game/philosophy/religion but which always has to be at least 51% philosophy in order to keep it from being either mostly a game or a religion.

Hucka D.:

Why is it present in the Oz synchronicities?

Baker Bloch:

You mean Dark Side of the Rainbow and SID’s 1st Oz?

Hucka D.:


Baker Bloch:

It just happened that way.

Hucka D.:

I am interested in Tik-Tok, the first robot of literature. I wish to become Tik-Tok or be closely associated with him/it from now on. In SID’s 1st Oz, according to your and Baker Blinker’s literature concerning this synchronicity, Tik-Tok is described as being the same as a Bee. At the time of the overlap in SID’s 1st Oz, Tik-Tok has created a red-green-blue mobius strip like paradox. He has lost groundedness. He has lost yellow. Y. This is what I can give him.

Baker Bloch:

This has something to do with Tronesis, doesn’t it? Your analysis. Is it not going well?

Hucka D.:

It’s going as well as possible without the attachment to Tik-Tok, see?

Baker Bloch:

Have you searched for Tik-Tok avatars on the SL Exchange Marketplace? Do you want me to help you here?

Hucka D.:

I wish to know more about TILE for now.

Baker Bloch:

Then ask away and I’ll tell you what I know. We’ll bring in Baker Blinker if necessary. I’m here to help, Hucka.

Hucka D.:

Thank you. I have notes (Hucka D. pulls some folded up papers out of his pouch — insert rustling noises). Tik-Tok is a tetractys?

Baker Bloch:

He is a summary of 1-2-3-4 in terms of Queen tiles within SID. He is the first whole track of Queen in the synchronicity. He is the first “good” machine of those present in all of these 4 Queen tiles…

Hucka D.:

Excuse me to interrupt, but what is the difference between TILE and tile? I don’t want to get off on a wrong track.

Baker Bloch:

In SID’s 1st Oz?

Hucka D.:


Baker Bloch:

In SID’s 1st Oz, a tile is a single cued region, as all tiles are in audiovisual synchronicity. In SL it all begins with a cube, as they say. In audiovisual synchronicity it begins with a *cue*. Clever, eh?

Hucka D.:

What is TILE, then?

Baker Bloch:

TILE is actually unique to SID’s 1st, because this particular synchronicity has 26 total cues, or the same as the number of letters in the English alphabet. Tile, little letters, is a cue attached to a single letter of the alphabet. TILE represents the summary of all tiles in this way, as the alphabet is a summary of all single letters of the alphabet.

Hucka D.:

You said it was in Dark Side of the Rainbow as well, though.

Baker Bloch:

Well it is. That’s where I first discovered the association.

Hucka D.:

How? And what is the difference of the presence of TILE in Dark Side of the Rainbow and SID’s 1st Oz?

Baker Bloch:

In SID’s 1st Oz, all tiles are of a different length [w/ each the same as 1 cued region], and in DSotR they are all the exact same length [and are, in summary, “merely” part of a part of just one whole cued region that is the same as DSotR]. They are 111.

Hucka D.:


Baker Bloch:


Hucka D.:

I don’t understand. You said something about the alphabet being divided at the switch from black-and-white to color in Dark Side of the Rainbow. This is MaN… fall of.

Baker Bloch:

That is correct, and that’s where the two parts of TILE divide off from each other. The 1/2 TILE of Kansas, which comes before this transition, remains perfect, as it were, or retains the perfection of the original TILE. The 1/2 TILE of Oz directly after the Kansas scenes becomes singly corrupted away from this perfection, losing one letter in the process to devolve from 13, present in the Kansas region still, to 12. This is the loss of the “N” of MaN. This is where the two synchronicities Dark Side of the Rainbow and SID’s 1st Oz link up, because this loss represents also the loss of Ozma from the Land of Oz. She is the true ruler, its rightful center.

Hucka D.:

What does this have to do with the Oz of this island? — which I want to go see, btw.

Baker Bloch:

I think that has to do with Veach. And Kansas City Life. We know now, more recently…

Hucka D.:

We being you and Baker Blinker.

Baker Bloch:

We know, Hucka, that K.C. Life has something to do with Second Life. It stands for Second Life because Kansas City is the second city of Missouri. It stands for the perfection of Second Life at the beginning, when it was Linden World. The Man stood in the center of the square of Linden City in the center, in turn, of Linden World. When The Man was shifted more toward the corner of the inclusive sim then the fall occurred. And this is where you-as-CNB came into play. Your *Lemon* World was shifted as well because it was inside The Man. You experienced the Fall of Second Life directly. You felt the pain as much as anyone, perhaps.

Hucka D.:

But it wasn’t called Second Life then.

Baker Bloch:

At the end, it became a *cross* of Lemon and Lime for you. Vertical and horizontal. Painful.

Hucka D.:

But now I am healed. Unified again.

Baker Bloch:

It seems so.

Hucka D.:

I’m still not exactly sure what this has to do with the Oz synchronicities. And how they fit in.

Baker Bloch:

Kansas City Life represents perfection, but at a cost. There is a 2 minute hole in the center that is called Centerville. Suspendering of opposites. Reed and Zappa. At the end, the rivals extend an olive branch toward each other. This would be in Veach.

Hucka D.:

Can we go there directly? To give the scene some needed vibrancy?

Baker Bloch:

Sure, Hucka, you can go right now.

Hucka D.:

What has [delete name] got to do with this? Baker Blinker became very upset today when I mentioned that name. She slapped me at first, and then I asked her why she slapped me because I said the name [delete name] and she slapped me again so hard this time that my head was actually knocked off. She apologized over and over, saying she was so sorry, but I was able to retrieve a new head from my inventory and speak to her once more, saying that it was ok and that I would never say that name while with her again. I promised this; crossed my heart. But you do not seem to be so upset to hear this name, Baker Bloch, which pleases me.

Baker Bloch:

I have to edit it out of our post here, though. And you shouldn’t use it a lot. I would agree with Baker Blinker in that it is a dangerous name to throw around.

Hucka D.:

Who is he?

Baker Bloch:

He is the creator of Kansas City Life.

(to be continued)


AI1, NE to SE May 18, 2008

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Oh my goodness, “Oz” has turned into a giant fern somehow, he he. Actually this is just one of those floating plants common on AI1 superimposed on “Oz” to make it look like it’s gone. This is one of the ways we country bumpkins entertain ourselves out here, away from all the hustle and bustle and excitement of the mainlands. 🙂

AI1’s only railroad that I know of, and not much of one at that. Length is about 100 meters, and dead ends in the sea. Not a functional railroad. In fact, the transportation system on AI1 leaves much to be desired. *But* at least we *have* roads. What were the Linden’s thinking in creating new continents without a transportation system I would ask you??

Baker Bloch tries to relax while floating around in a quiet pond next to a church, but all the for sale signs in the background keep him anxious. So so many yellow (for sale) shapes on the AI1 map, and indeed all over AI period. Can it weather the recession??

“Nother view of the road into the heart of AI1 from the coast. Edge to center.

And after all that wandering around it’s *nap time* (at the beach). Careful when you roll over BB not to crush your little birdie!


AI1, SW/S May 16, 2008

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Blochs found himself standing on this AI1 beach for various reasons and decided to head inland to the forests while he was there.

Hmmm, he came straight to that odd impression in the ground encountered before, which I speculated may have been the site of a house or at least a cabin.

Nice view of the mountains beyond. Still haven’t figured out what that hump is. Probably a mtn. partially rezzed using my draw distance (standard is 128 meters for me, which I will increase to 256 and 512 at times… like to keep things in multiples of 2).

Probably the highest cliff on AI1.

Careful Baker Bloch! Don’t twist an ankle.

There are those rather ominous red half-spheres again, spied from the other direction this time (vacant lot on edge of another, second forest).

Awww… the kitty is gone! That didn’t take long. Actually I kind of miss it a little. Maybe just because it shows how impermanent everything is in our little metaverse.

Blochs stands on the edge of the second forest but decides not to enter this time. He remembers he should attend a family meeting tonight, the first for the Blinker household!


AI1 Hike S/SE, Part 2 May 15, 2008

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Not far beyond the companioned little trees stands this snowdrift.

I was so busy watching this wolf out of the side of my eye that I didn’t realize I passed within about 15 feet of a reared up bear! Holy Stephen Colbert!

One of those strange hanging objects fairly common on AI1, this time a rock. This is from the same snow mound pictured above already.

That’s just *filthy* snowfall. (Edna gets it, don’t worry)

Standing tall!

On the way back, Baker Bloch stops in on the void sim beyond the Velvet Underground temple once more. I think that’s a road trying to form in the distance; just outta sight (man).

While he was in the area, Blochs decides to read an available book at “Oz” before heading home. Just dangling around, he is.


AI1 Hike S/SE, Part 1

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Blochs sits on a treeplanter admiring the view of the house and neighboring windmill.

A weird glitch in SL prompts Blochs to teleport into a sim which temporarily appears to be devoid of houses but which he knows is chocked full of ’em. To his relief, everything on the sim *hadn’t* been erased, but then he spies on the horizon a red sphere which he first takes as perhaps the rising sun — that was one guess anyway. Closer inspection reveals these half spheres of unknown function and origin.

Moving beyond the half-spheres and heading back home again on the edge of a neighboring void sim, we find this nice juxtaposition of frosted and non-frosted trees.

Details of a birch tree.

A small bare evergreen with an even smaller evergreen as a companion.


Random Pics

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Our two last palm trees.

Coolish rock. SE.

Hucka D.’s 7 singing plants.

Mountain viewed from edge of well treed forest (south).

Minor island. Interesting “caterpillar humps” (north).

The Inland Sea at sunset.

Palm trees (north) at sunrise.


Adamant May 13, 2008

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How could Baker Bloch have missed this before? 11 rocks… portal! And it’s not Ben Linden’s Isle but Ben Azure’s. Time for some more investigating, but, yeah, this could be the lead. This could be the place where RL and SL touch in AI. And that hut reminds me a little of Jacob’s cabin in LOST, except a lot less creepy. But still there could be a resonance. Also, after all, the island belongs to a *Ben*. So I’m going to insert some pics of the recent LOST episode featuring this cabin.

No joke: as I’m taking this picture the whole island is moving!! What the hey???

Ok, it’s stopped now. WWEEIIRRDD.