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What we know about “K” August 21, 2012

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K lives in a (w)hole in the epicenter of Lower Concreek, but he did not know it by that name. He may have manufactured the name, however.

K is related to Duke’s Coach K through the Fall 87 Scetchbook, which is an alchemical text that may be updated and is featured in part in Floydada.

K is blue-black in color, related to Julie of Blue who wears blue-black throughout the film, externally reflecting her internal, bruised nature (she’s black and blue inside).

K is Duke and so the 4th.

K is the 4th of July, also the 4th of Julie according to The Bill.

K is found early on in the Art 10×10 in the Greenup Series (pic 3).

K is called SoSo because he identified himself as such at one time (“I’m SoSo”).

K is blue(-black) but also red, and I suppose also white, identifying him as an American as well and turning all red-white-blue (up on a flagpole where he is hung like a flag). *However* in identifying himself as SoSo, he is Anti-American as well, who always lie about their medical condition and x-rays and say something to the effect that they are “*extremely* well”.

K is Blue and Red.

K is blue and red glasses, identifying his home as near Jacob I. Road.

K is Solomon, sometimes “Solo Man”, as in Gabriel going Solo from Genesis with his “Car” album and “Solsbury Hill” song about this decision to leave Genesis.

K is a Fallen Man as Solo Man.

K is Gabriel’s Mozo, and thus an alchemist who is both lowest and highest in one. He is Mercurious.

K is known as Salaman if follows that Solomon changes to Soloman or Solo Man.

K is a composite of several songs spanning several albums, and ending in Red Rain on So, but known to the split (double visioned) Red Rain as SoSo perhaps.

K is Polish, both Coach K and Director K of Red-White-Blue.

K is dead and K is alive.


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