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Killer August 17, 2012

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From the excellent Turn Me On Dead Man blog, one of the few remaining sites with a Dark Side of the Rainbow section (I *think* it’s still on the site somewhere).

Hucka D. (still around):

I’m still there.


Still standing. Are we in Hush Hush Sweet Baker (Blog) yet?

Hucka D.:

Close. Very close. Toy avatars. Mossmen. Mmmmmmm’s. Marbles. Marbles fall. Marble Falls. Dogpatch. Synchpatch. USA.



Hucka D.:

You still need me to help, but good to start over[ with a new blog]. This is the Baker Bloch Blog. Not the Baker Blinker Blog. It is hidden. Can you see it?


Not sure. Small legend will have it that the Baker Blinker Blog died in the center of Concreek. A Red 7 was the killer.

Hucka D.:

Blood colored. Like bloody rain. Bloody students. Bloody babies. No more.


Red 7 is the killer of us all.


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