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More Thoughts August 14, 2012

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Haven’t decided exactly what to do with this blog. Logically I suppose I should give it up and create a whole new blog that isn’t Second Life centered but instead Real Life centered (as in Frank/Herman Park Real Life exploring stuff centered). Another option is just to make new posts of this particular blog private as needed and keep moving on here.

I don’t invest any money in Second Life now but I still have builds there: a gallery or two, a temple or three, and some other random places. Most of these are found on Hilo Ridge in Lower Austra. Hilo may also be the same as Philo. So I still have a “center” in Second Life, a type of presence. But virtually speaking I don’t explore there any longer except in spot locations now and then when I get bored of doing other things. I’ll keep popping over to Sunklands and the old Pietmond grounds and other locations there every now and then. I’ll still manifest in Noru and Greater Chilbo in general once in a while. Still will check in with Yeot (Teepot/Boris location) every week or four. Most of all I’ll peruse the cheapest mainland locations for sale.

Presently, my “art” budget for the month, about 50 dollars as I’ve determined, is tied up in music and video purchases/rentals. This is for a/v synching purposes. The Billfork Agreement prevents me from talking about this subject too much. In the blog, as regular reader knows, synchs are codenamed carcasses. I’ve just created a recipe for Carcass-7, the last in this line of 37 or 38 works so far, and will start to tape this week. Very exciting. The formation of Carcass-7 seems to indicate the end of this blog, however.

Why do I feel this? Basically I need to frame the blog so I can begin to figure out what the heck it is and how to organize all the thoughts and information inside. This is the Baker Blinker Blog, created from 2008 to 2012. Put a tombstone on it. So I might as well call it the end and go ahead from there. What is all this about?? Essentially I think it is about synchronicity, pure and simple. Second Life was a place, especially toward the beginning, that provided a great backdrop for synchronicity study in the shape of this blog, or recorded or attempted to be recorded in this blog. Now this energy has shifted elsewhere, mainly to real life explorations in Frank/Herman Parks, but also, in the future, other attached locations within the same county, *my* county. I am tempted to call it Haze County.

Why the needed secrecy? I’ve mentioned the Billfork Agreement, which calls for this. Also I don’t want the general public to know the whereabouts of me and my parks, in tandem with it. The Billfork Agreement suggests that secrecy, when in doubt, wins out over exposure. By blocking off a part of my life in this way, I give the hidden side extra energy because I don’t have to deal with this public scrutiny. This probably makes it akin to The Residents’ Theory of Obscurity connected with their own very mysterious figure known as N. Senada.

Senada’s “Theory of Obscurity” states that an artist can only produce pure art when the expectations and influences of the outside world are not taken into consideration. Senada and his theory are referred to almost exclusively in connection with avant garde musical group The Residents.

All participants in the Second Life experience are called Residents, known collectively as The Residents I suppose. Curious synchronicity once more.

The peak of My Second Lyfe experience comes in the region known as Sunklands, containing mysterious (once again) sinkholes in the southwest part of Jeogeot, the largest mainland continent of this world. In a probable direction, Sunklands was much more fulfilled than it is in this recorded world-reality. It was in Sunklands that various variants were gathered together to create a Sunklands Initiative, which I first became aware of (along with the region itself) in August 2009. These variants included both Little Robert Plant Variant (a variant of Robert Plant, former led singer of Lead Zeppelin), and also Marty, a variant of Paul McCartney. LRPV was the more formed and solid of the two, being the main guest spirit on this blog for a considerable number of months (Hucka D., of course, being the house blog spirit, so to speak). But many questions still remain unanswered about the Sunklands Initiative. It appears to have been primarily organized by Dr. Blood, whose physical appearance seems similar or perhaps identical with the Tinman of Oz of “Wizard of Oz” fame. Dr. Blood seems mainly attached to the Aotearoa sink, one of the six identifiable sinkholes in the region. Little Robert Plant Variant or LRPV comes from the Sternberg metro area according to legend, which is just north of Sunklands, and departed from his main variants’ path in this city by giving up the Zeppelin Tube, containing the sealed energy of the group itself. He gave the Led Zeppelin group energy to the Initiative, then (in essence). Marty also comes from outside Sunklands, but, once again, from nearby, this time to the west in a place called WES and West End. A departing point from the main variant band, once more, occurs here, with the decision to keep the name Beetles instead of Beatles. In *this* reality, the insects are called beatles instead, perhaps. Early in their Second Life career, The Beetles and Marty had to “remember” the events of the Lennon killing, which led them to the Nautilus continent and Roostre’s Peninsula, where they reexamined the Sea of Green through the Yellow Submarine. The Sea of Green is the same as the Valley of Nye, whereupon [spied on] by the Eye of Rye.

Hucka D.:

Let me interrupt you here, baker b., for we have to move on to other variants tonight as well. One is OWZ, pronouced like “owes” as in someone owes someone something. He has recently appeared on this blog in connection with The Table.


But it was known that Marty and Little Robert Plant Variant appeared in the blog at this time in preparation for Carcass-3. Carcass-3 is where Sunklands and Second Life itself peaked for me, but then returned its energy to carcasses afterwards. Carcass-3 is a small, single movie affair. The story is mainly in the synchronicities surrounding it and leading up to it. The story is mainly found in Sunklands.

Hucka D.:

From Carcass-3 you can know everything.


Then Carcass-4, 5, 6 are now apparently referred to as the Pietmond carcasses, because they are composed when I was involved with that land, which, of course, is also a part of Sunklands.

Hucka D.:

It is a struggle of carcasses to escape the gravity of Your Second Lyfe. The energy was collected into Pietmond by that time, which began to make it easier. Carcasses grew again; your attachment to Second Life as a whole, at least outside of Pietmond, lessened.


And now it seems I’ve escaped altogether, and the Carcasses have come out of the clouds and into the open air again. Carcass-7 is flying.

Hucka D.:

Carcass-7 is important[ true].


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