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Ship Rock 01 August 8, 2012

Filed under: Herman/Frank Parks (rl parks),Spoon Fork (RIVER) — baker Blinker @ 9:29 am

Hiking up Jacob I. Road toward Concreek, Square Forest straight ahead.

Square Forest backing the field with the R&R Table (Reading and Riting). It is here that Michael Too use to read and perhaps write (rite) as well. Michael Too is legend.

Moving way past Concreek now, following Jacob I. Road all the way to Spoon Fork, perhaps a 1 1/2 mile distance from The Wye where I parked my car. Ugly Rock also featured in this 2008 blog post is in the foreground, Spoon Fork and bordering rocks on the opposite shore are in the background.

Looking downstream from the approximate place of Ugly Rock toward Ship Rock, our main destination for the day.

Ship Rock itself, with the independent Askew Rock to the right. Beautiful scenery here.

Mystery pools on Ship Rock. The whole rock is one big mystery set in stone.

Other side of Askew Rock, where a split of Spoon Fork settles into a pool of water with a rock in its center. It’s from this center the below picture was taken from, looking north.


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