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Is *this* Pietmond’s Peter SoSo? August 3, 2012

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After all, Peter SoSo has been linked with Poland and Duke’s Coach K through, for example, this BB Blog post.* And here we even have another famous Polish “K” name, and then compare Kieslowski with Krzyzewski: same # of letters; ends with “wski”.


Perhaps interesting reference re Blue/White/Red. Personally I found Blue to be the most interesting but I’m certainly no film expert.** And certainly compare the two blue-black references of the two notes for this particular post; I’ve highlighted blue/black within each for emphasis.






That’s Peter. Peter Dunne. A drawing of Duke’s Coach K. Is that [Pietmond’s] Peter, then?

Hucka D.:

Yes. He emerges from the Forest — Wake — through the TV. He is the 4th. (pause) More – than – a – day.


Wake [Forest] is the 3rd, and Duke is the 4th. Blue-black, like in the labyrinth.

Hucka D.:

Hold on. I forgot [the Martin part].


And the hecklers around Peter are taunting him here, like the townspeople *possibly* would have taunted their Peter about his racial heritage if he wasn’t so darned important to them.

Hucka D.:

Correct[ enough].



Julie wears black and blue cloths throughout the film. The only exception is white gown at the hospital and a white T-shirt she sleeps in. Otherwise she always wears black and blue. Most often blue jeans, black top and a black jacket. She is black and blue, bruised on the outside as well as the inside.

3rd point of triangle…


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