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Con Creek 02 July 29, 2012

Filed under: Concreek,Herman/Frank Parks (rl parks) — baker Blinker @ 10:26 am

Another unidentified, green-ish Con Creek fungus.

Rocks from The Straight region.

Moss Falls from same. Still water here but not a lot, and it disappears rather quickly as we move from The Straight to The Bends region heading “downstream.”

More fungi:

I believe this is called a coral mushroom, and there are a number of other examples nearby.

Mysterious black and white stones found on the southern side of The Other. Hucka D. has since directly linked them to the black and white motif running through the LOST series, including black and white stones found at Jack’s cave prominently featured in 1Pink. In other words, this seems to be another, meaningful paranormal manifestation at Con Creek already witnessed in several locations at The Island just upstream from The Other.

The center spot of The Other may be this “veiled gateway” between the two sides of the pseudo-island. The black and white stones mentioned previously lie just beyond this gate in the now dry stream bed on its southern side.

More mushrooms found near the upper end of The Island as I was walking back to Jacob I. Road, this time of a yellow (left) and red (right) variety, and quite small as well. Could this conjunction of colors be yet another psychic indicator of some sort?


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