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Con Creek 01 July 29, 2012

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Fungi was a key word for today’s hike down Con Creek, starting with this apparently new beauty found just upstream from The Hump. Classification (as with a lot of the ‘shrooms pictured in these 2 posts): unknown. But it was pretty large and pretty yellow and pretty period. Larger than what it seems like in the the below photo.

The rather dry weather is also taking its toll on some of the local vegetation as well, like this clump of umbrella plants next to The Hump, apparently.

Another fungus found on The Straight section of Lower Con Creek.

More interesting rock placed on top of another, larger rock in The Dark.

Then we move on beyond Con Creek to the mother flow Green Stream, which I was able to explore at some length today thanks to the bright idea of taking my shoes off and wading down the creek barefoot a distance. My journey included stopping at this log with mysterious marks on it — will return here later for sure for more stories and photos.

And also here… (that’s a dried up centipede in the foreground — another quasi-drought victim?).

Beautiful new spot found on the banks of Green Stream further downstream from any place already mentioned in this blog, but not far beyond the location described in this earlier post: the mouth of Parallel Creek.

Then we move to just below the Parallel Creek-Green Stream conjunction. That’s my sneakers atop the log crossing the stream in the background.

Another major find today was Mayfly Island in Green Stream, near the mouth of Con Creek. Below we see the lower end of the small island, and the fallen petals of red flowers which I believe are scarlet beebalms…*

… as pictured here a little further around and in back of this island — the likely source of the floating petals, then.

Tall standing weeds marking the length of the island, as paralleled by the limbs of an overshadowing tree.


* Later the name of the island was settled upon as Damselfly Island, since those were the actual name of the insects fluttering about and around it (and not dragonflies or mayflies). A special relationship with Grandglaize Creek in Missouri was also implied upon this settlement.


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